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So apparently today is Friday, who would have guessed were heading into the weekend already!

So with Covid-19 still affecting our lives, I don’t know about you, but I am definitely trying to stay sane & keep moving on with my daily routines. Personally, I have always been a workout nut, which I’m sure everyone is slowly noticing & moving once a day is just something that has always helped me stay sane mentally. So not being able to go to a gym or anything was tough at first but I’ve defiantly come to terms with the new reality.

So finding new workouts has been a big thing for me the last few weeks! Not only am I used to weights & the gym, but I have a small space to work with, I have people living below me, so it’s been a challenge. I have found a few workouts that I have been loving, & figured I would share in case you were in the same boat as me!


FitPlan App – Linn Lowes ‘Fit From Home’ program

So by now, I’m sure you all know I love Linn Lowes & her workout plans. So I basically changed from the gym one I was doing to the at-home plan. It’s a 4 day, 12 week plan, with minimal equipment.

Here is an example of one of the weeks:

If anyone wants a free 30 days to try the fitplan app, I think I can send that! Just let me know!

Instagram Workouts

So I know I mentioned it in my monthly recap, but I’ve been doing some instagram live workouts (usually after my walk or on days I don’t do the ‘at-home’ plan). There are a few boutique fitness places in Toronto & a few trainers that are offering 30 minute workouts for free, yes free. I don’t normally do the workouts live, but they are on the instagram pages for 24 hrs after they complete it, so I usually just do that!

A few of the ones I’ve tried & have been doing are:

  • Sweat & Tonic: I think i tried the ‘booty hit’ one day, whichever it was it was damn killer. I have been doing the ‘Rock the bells’ class with Dustin, I really like that one, he does it Thursday afternoons so its usually my Friday morning!
  • Alessia Sculpt: she hosts low impact workouts, very Pilates style which I love for just full body toning & stretching out!
  • Common ground: it’s a private gym in toronto, they host a few workouts a day. Some mornings if I feel like I need an intense workout (& rock the bells isn’t on) I do Griffins live class, I have tried the arms, ass & abs one, my next challenge will be doing a full body or a lower body, since those look way more killer than I am used to right now.

Also, I follow this account called ‘the sweat series’ she’s based in toronto & lists out all the accounts & classes the next day, which is amazing to keep track!

30 minute daily walks

I have also been trying my best to get some cardio in, right now I’m aiming for a walk around the neighbourhood for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. This is just so I can get some fresh air & move my body just a little to avoid stiffness really. I like to turn on a podcast & walk, I find it takes my mind off time & all that! Also, this is totally dependant on the weather, I don’t like rain at all, so those days I just stay inside but as long as there’s no rain happening I’m trying!


So this is just a few things I’ve been doing to stay active & try to move a little to stay sane, it’s a total struggle to go from gym to home workouts, but also even tougher to change literally everything about your normal routine. My next challenge will be adding in a yoga or a stretch because sitting on the couch or cleaning or anything really does take a toll, & I find stretching out once a week minimum just makes all the difference.


Are you staying active?
Have you found any activities that you enjoy doing at home?



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17 thoughts on “Home Workout I’m Loving

  1. Since the physical distancing thing started and I’m not rushing around after children, I’m hyper sensitive to how little activity I’m doing. I go for a walk before “work” (30-50 mins) and then have my yoga at 4:30 and have also been trying to put in another go at my walking loop. I’ll throw in a run one or two evenings a week once the weather warms up a bit. Of course today I only went out this morning and not doing anything else HAHA not feeling it tonight

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    • I totally feel you. Like unless I go for a walk & do something else, I definitely feel way to stiff compared to normal. But like we need the weather to help us out a little & just warm up a little

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      • Right?! Going up one main road that I use it’s always a struggle! The walk is so pleasant until I turn down that road and then it’s this brutal freezing wind pushing me back! It’s great resistance but man it’s hard to walk against haha

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  2. I love the experimentation 😄

    There are lots of opportunities with COVID, from financial to self-growth. I’ve talked about them recently.

    At home workouts is a great way to do so!
    Way to make the most of it!

    Thanks for sharing!

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