Keeping Up With Cass – March 2020

Hello beautiful people (que Ed Sheran voice)

If I thought January was long, March has felt like a year …
But yes, there isn’t much for an update today but it has been an interesting month, that is for sure!


I did alright with my reading this month, didn’t get through too many books but it was an interesting month, plus since I can’t go to the library & I have no room for books, im attempting to read on my old iPad which is a whole lot tougher then I thought ….. I can only read in short Burts before my eyes hurt so we’ll see how everything goes!
Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had been really sticking to Linn Lowes ‘Strong & Lean 2.0’ program. I was super super happy with how it was going. I also had been going to spin class & trying to do some at-home yoga to de-stress as well. But things obviously changed real quick once it started going around that gyms were breeding grounds for the virus & prior to the shut downs I actually put my membership on hold. So basically, I am now walking around the neighbourhood, and doing the odd workout from Linn Lowes ‘At Home’ program. Mainly though (don’t judge me), I have been doing some of those instagram live workouts that some boutique fitness places in Toronto have been offering, I think they have really been my favourite workouts to be honest, I’ve been able to do booty workouts, pilates workouts, you name it. It’s been really cool to get to do these expensive classes & all star trainers for free, plus its a really nice change up from my normal routine, & it’s just enough to keep me sane really.
We didn’t do any travelling after our eventful & jam packed February. We were however supposed to be leaving tomorrow for the Bahamas for a quick little trip with my family, which I was super excited about because your girl misses the sun & tropical weather. But thanks again Covid-19 for the whole world shutting down & not letting me go!!!!!! Hopefully we can make it up & go in the fall!
Other than that, I don’t have much of an update other than that we have pretty well been cooped up, yes ‘p’ is social distancing with me, but its so much more ideal for me, I don’t think I could social distance on my own. He is still working so I do get lots of alone time (using that to write posts, yay!). But honestly I don’t know how much more cleaning & organizing I can do. I am trying some new recipes & just cooking more which is a start for me! Hopefully this doesn’t last toooo much longer.

What I’ve Been Watching:


  • Nancy Drew
  • The Good Doctor
  • All American
  • Very Cavallari
  • Below Deck: Sailing Yaught


What Have I Been Reading:

  • Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
  • Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner
  • Whisper Network by Chandler Baker
  • The Mister by E L James


Well where do I begin. So at the beginning of March, I gave my thirty day notice to my boss (yes its thirty in my contract, crazy right), the last few months there have been super hard, I haven’t had any guidance & just when I think things can get better they always just get worse. So I decided to basically up & quit, focus on myself & really buckle down, do some searching about what it is that I really want to do. It seemed like a good plan at the time, but clearly Covid-19 has interrupted that & well there will be a whole lot more people looking for jobs when I do now, so we’ll see how everything works out!

In Case You Missed This Months Blog Posts

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How was your March?
How have you been coping with the pandemic?

Any big plans for April? 


Thanks for reading!

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