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Huge thanks to Becky at Strikeouts & Sprinkles for the tag! 🙂
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Okay so the rules for this tag are pretty simple: discuss your good reading habits, tag back to the original creator, and tag a few friends!


So like Becky, I’ve been using Goodreads for years, I think the account I use now has been going since 2017 & I had an account prior with a different email address that went back a few years earlier!
Honestly, Goodreads is literally my life & my favourite app I have on my phone. I track all my want to read books & all the books I’ve read all in one place. I love the reading challenge aspect as well. The last few years I’ve been aiming for 50. But like I said, this app is literally my favourite app in the word, I make sure to tell all my friends who read about it!

Always have a book with you

So I always like to have a book on me no matter where I am going; work, vacations, etc. I literally just keep whatever book I am currently reading on me in case I have time to read a few pages. I find this always keeps me motivated to keep going, but also if I’m at a really good part I don’t have to wait to get through it!

Reading Recommendations

So I don’t know about you but unless I already know the authors writing style, & maybe read something by them in the past, I am all for reading their books as long as I liked some. I have a few friends who are big into reading as well, so we talk books & give each other recommendations on what we enjoyed, & if we should we read them. I also love how Goodreads (yes my beloved app, I mentioned above), also gives recommendations on books to read based off what you have read & enjoyed, but also, seeing what your connected friends have read is also how I find lots of books.

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