Lent 2020 – Update

Happy Friday!

So just over one month ago I posted about what I was giving up for Lent this year. Missed it, check it out here!

Lent is only 40 days long, only 40 days. That is honestly nothing. I mean giving up something for 40 days is nothing. But guess what. Yes, just like last year, I caved with almost exactly two weeks left, I repeat, almost two weeks left.

My Lent Sacrifices of 2020:

  • Drinking 20 oz of water first thing every morning
  • Snoozing My Alarm
  • Mindless Scrolling
  • Mindless Snacking
  • Meatless Fridays & one other day


  • Drinking 20 oz of water first thing every morning: I was doing so so good with this & then I just sort of started to drink a little less water these days since I’m not as active but I want to keep this up, so maybe just maybe I’ll try again with less pressure!
  • Snoozing My Alarm: HAHAH, I might have done good for the first two days, but then I started snoozing it like crazy & then, well now I do not even set an alarm because I just don’t want to.
  • Mindless Scrolling: Yeah, lost this one! Damn it Covid-19, you have been no help.
  • Mindless Snacking: I actually have been doing alright with this, I basically had to start locking myself in my room by 7:30 pm so I don’t see the kitchen. So I didn’t completely fall off the wagon here, baby steps though!
  • Meatless Fridays & one other day: I started doing this & then fell off the wagon last week, it was totally tough to do when your other can not go without meat.

Well as you can see I basically broke all FIVE of my Lent Sacrifices in one month, literally just like last year, I just had two weeks left. I thought I could at least keep one going but yes you guessed it, i’m weak & I caved. There will be no Lent update over Easter like I was planning yet again (LOL).
But guess what, there is always next year & I can try again then!

Did you end up giving anything up for Lent? How are you doing? 


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