A Few New Habits

Alright, well I was hoping to avoid writing & speaking about Covid-19 for as long as I could but here we are. So basically since it’s all we hear about these days, I don’t need to go into detail about it & how life’s just constantly changing right now, since we also never know what to expect. Oh & to make matters worse, my vacation at the end of this month has been cancelled so yes I’m upset, but I understand why it was.
Ontario is pretty well shut down these days, & I have been cooped up in my condo, which isn’t too bad, other than the fact that I really don’t leave unless its for groceries… I spend pretty well all day alone & ‘P’ joins me after he’s done work (apparently construction is an essential industry, thankfully). Obviously with all the closures everything changed. I don’t have a job, I can’t work out at the gym, you name it. So I have been channeling my energy into other things & trying to just add new habits & trying to stay as healthy as I can while eating all the carbs & more!

A Few New Habits

I added a greens supplement into my diet this past weekend. I’m trying to have a mid-morning greens mixed in water, to not only add more greens to my diet but to also boost my immune system & energy levels!


I’m trying to cook & bake a little more! I’ve made some pretty bomb ass dinners lately (I’ll share those another day!). I’ve also been that person who organized all their kitchen cupboards & everything. It’s been so soothing but at the end of the day there is only so much organizing & vacuuming one can do everyday.

I also obviously had to adapt my workout routine to now be done inside my little den (aka my workout room – I wish, but that’s what I’m calling it now). I switched to an at-home routine on the Fitplann app I was doing, I haven’t stuck with it much but I’m trying. I also have been trying yoga & pilates at home, I’m just trying all these different things out to try & figure out what works! I have been making sure I get outside for a walk when I can, I’m trying for a daily 45 minutes but that all depends on weather obviously, especially since I don’t go outside when it rains!

I’ve also been reading a whole lot, unfortunately not physical books, I’ve been digitally borrowing on my iPad from my local library. Unfortunately, it’s a little tougher to read for longer so I’m taking more breaks but it happens! I’m just happy I’m still able to read & save money!



These are only a few of the little changes & habits to my daily life. I’m trying to make light of the situation & obviously stay away from others, but at the end of the day, being cooped up in under 800sq is sort of tough but there’s nothing I can do right now about that! Hopefully the weather gets warmer sooner rather than later & hopefully with all this social distancing, we can beat this sooner rather than later & get back to our regular everyday lives!

How have you been adapting? Have you made any drastic changes or developed any new habits? 


Safe safe & wash your hands!


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11 thoughts on “A Few New Habits

  1. Last week I had an awesome routine down! But since Friday it’s gone of gone bleh. I still walk each day, at least 30 mins. I’m pushing for 45-60 but the weather has been crap, as you know. I didn’t go out at all yesterday. But Now that online lessons have started I have been tied to my laptop. I’m hoping for more freedom as the week progresses and parents get the hang of what’s happening.

    Im doing ok in my basement bedroom. Keeping chatting with lots of people to keep the positive vibes going! Lots of reading over here too! And writing!

    Can you not do work from home? Or is it not possible?

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    • Right this weather is hindering our walking! But your amazing & what your doing for your students & parents is amazing!

      I’m glad your doing well, & reading & writing! Keep those vibes up, hopefully this ends soon!

      I’m doing a little but there isn’t really work for me at the moment. Plus I ended up giving my notice earlier in the month, when I had a plan & before all this started happening. I’m sort of scared about what’s gonna happen next, but I’ve got a little work to do the next few days but nothing crazy.

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    • Hi Justin
      Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoy the content.
      Depends on the group, just don’t want any negativity or anything like that.
      Your website looks great, the cbd oil looks very fancy


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