I Just Watched: ‘Dirty John’

Happy Saturday!

So clearly I’ve been on a slight tv binge these days, so bare with me here! And yes, before you say it, i’m clearly late to the game on this one but I finally watched ‘Dirty John’ (not the real life documentary one, i’m not that brave) on Netflix. 

Here’s the quick little summary:

Debra’s seemingly perfect life is disrupted as she falls for a handsome doctor who sweeps her into a whirlwind romance. But her handsome new beau pulls Debra into a sinister game of psychological manipulation.
– Again thanks IMDB for the summary.

What is with me & all these dark & twisted shows lately. Well this one season flew by quite on fast & I watched it real darn quick. All I can say is ‘Oh My Lord’. Like all the signs are there & she ignores them. I mean I get this happens but it’s just so scary & like why didn’t you listen to your family…. Everything could have been avoided if she listened to her kids! I know nothing in life is that simple, but I’m still shaken up about this, and that is all I have to say! It’s so scary to think that this literally can happen to anyone!

Have you watched ‘Dirty John’? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!
Also, I’m always taking Netflix recommendations, feel free to share them!


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5 thoughts on “I Just Watched: ‘Dirty John’

      • I started the trials of Gabriel Fernandez yesterday, I’ll probably finish it today and then I’ll move on haha. Still trying to figure out my video app on my laptop so I can start planning my lessons for my kidlets. Omg I’m so excited to do like story time from my house. One day is TOTALLY going to be PJ day and I’m gonna be in pjs. This is awesome. But also I’m bored already 😂😂


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