A Week In Palm Springs

It’s been almost two weeks now I have been back in the cold. I’ve also been super slow about getting to this post, so don’t mind me. Back in February, ‘P’ & I travelled to San Francisco for a few days before jetting to Palm Springs to meet up with his family for the week. It was our first long trip with each other, the first time we flew somewhere together & yes, also my first trip with his family. Thankfully we got blessed with amazing weather, it was sunny & in the high 20s (I don’t know what that is in farenhight), but it was such a relief just being somewhere warm. Plus since Palm Springs is in the Valley, they really don’t get rain or snow or anything like that. Palm Springs is super beautiful & relaxed & now I know why it’s literally retiree central.

We got there Saturday morning, picked up our rental car then headed to the house his parents rented to get first dibs. From there we unpacked, hit the grocery store & then basically relaxed the rest of the day.

On Sunday, we woke up and went for a hike, it was a nicer little 5k and it was honestly the perfect start to a morning. That afternoon the guys all went golfing, his sisters & I opted for another hike. It was in the San Andreas canyon I believe, it was so remote & no-one was around, we spent maybe about 45 minutes out there but ultimately turned around after that since the trail was less and less visible as we went on. Then we went to target because when in the US it is a must, before we literally retired for the day.

Monday, we went golfing at the JW Marriot. It was a stunning course & definitely not my best round ever, but as the first of this season it was okay! Plus it was the first time I’ve ever drank while golfing (shocking I know).

Tuesday, ‘P’ & I took off golfing on our own. We went to La Quinta & golfed the Mountain course.

Wednesday, we drove out to Joshua Tree. It was so far but the trail we picked was awesome. It was I think almost 6 kms, we got to the top & it was so beautiful. We didn’t do much else that day. We spent most of our day & early afternoon out hiking so we were tired!

Thursday, the guys & I went golfing at Escena. We thankfully got a round of 18 in, despite being stuck behind the slowest group. This one old guy who literally couldn’t hit the ball thought he was like Bubba Watson or someone & would not hit or tee off unless no-one was on the fairway/green in front of him, oh and they wouldn’t let us pass… We also went into town and ate at this cute little Mexican place. My lord they had maybe the best margaritas i’ve ever had.

Friday, we took it easy, went for a walk around & then just relaxed. It was our last day in the sun & we just wanted to take it all in! By midday everyone except for his parents & us left, so the four of us had an amazing home made dinner & just drank as much wine as we could so we didn’t leave too much behind.

Saturday, we had to be at the airport by 10. His parents & I went for a walk (almost 6k, they can walk!!) while he packed, because unlike everyone else who packed the day before he likes to be a last minute guy. Then hit the airport before the trek back to the cold!

Like I said, not much to report. We literally ate dinner at the house every night & really didn’t do much other then golf, hike/walk or chill by the pool. Which I was totally okay with! I can’t lie, I am dying to get back into the sun & the warm weather, but it was a nice break. Plus it gave me a chance to really get to know his family!



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