I Just Watched: ‘What If’

Happy Monday!

Alright, so I finally watched ‘What If‘ on Netflix after adding it to my list when it first came out. Yes, it’s taken me a while to get here & even get through the ten episodes.

Here’s the not so little summary:

In this neo-noir social thriller, Oscar winner Renée Zelwegger stars as Anne Montgomery, a woman of extreme wealth who makes young scientist Lisa a steamy proposal. Lisa is on the verge of a breakthrough that would save the lives of millions of kids, but she needs funding to go through with the trials and eventually bring her technique to the market. Other venture capitalists have turned Lisa down, but Anne makes her an unexpected offer — one that comes with a twist. In order to give Lisa the money, Anne wants to spend a night alone with Lisa’s husband, Sean, a former professional athlete. If the couple agree to the terms, Lisa will get the funding but can never ask her husband what happened during his time with Anne, who believes that human attachment is a weakness and Lisa will only succeed if she focuses all of her attention on her work.
– Again thanks IMDB for the summary.

Alright, so since that was one long summary, you can guess that I thought this would be one of those shows that literally has so many little pieces to it, it’s dark & twisted & my lord it keeps you hooked. Plus on top of that, I didn’t even realize it was about start-ups & angel investing, which yes is literally my world of work, so that was even more interesting to watch. I’m also surprised I liked it, I don’t usually like twisted TV shows or anything like that, but honestly this one roped me in. So many damn twists & once you get closer to the end of the season there are even more. I can guarantee you might not stop watching! But like I can’t lie I’m mad about how it ended but I’m not at the same time because it means that hopefully we will get a season 2!!

Have you watched ‘What If’? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!
Also, I’m always taking Netflix recommendations, feel free to share them!


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3 thoughts on “I Just Watched: ‘What If’

  1. I haven’t heard of it, but sounds interesting! I’ll add it to my list. I’m way behind on Netflix shows, but I’ve been told to watch Locke & Key and based on the preview, it looks good.

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