Keeping Up With Cass – January 2020

Happy Friday!

Another month has come & gone, & guess what, January surprisingly did not fly on by. Why is it that January is literally the slowest moving month but the rest of the year is like a total blur


Where do I start….
So my condo is pretty well almost 100% put together & its only taken five long months, but I’m really happy with how things have come together. I just need to find stuff for the walls still, that’s really what is taking the longest. Maybe I’ll have to share a condo tour soon, we’ll see!
I did great with reading this month, I started the year with a few books taken out of the library & a few new purchases, which had me super excited to get started on a new reading challenge. I am excited to finally tackle reading 50 books in one year! Plus it helps that I’m surprisingly off to a totally amazing start & already ahead of schedule reading wise, which is only going to keep me motivated!
This year, I decided that my health & well being will be a top priority. I wanted to make sure it would come first in this new decade. I completed Linn Lowes ‘Strong & Lean’ program on the fit plan app & I actually this past week started a new 12 week program  to keep the momentum going. I’m currently doing another of Linn Lowes programs called ‘Booty X Body Boost’. I have also been trying to be good about my diet & making sure I drink enough water every day & have been trying so hard to eat more greens & trying to eating mindfully (aka only when I’m actually hungry). I really want to make sure I nourish my body healthily. I also found myself breaking out way more then I ever have at the start of the year, so the change with reaching for veggies instead of something like chips has actually really helped my skin too which has been a total bonus!
Also in 2020, I vowed to take my budgeting seriously & now that my place needs no furniture & big stuff, I found myself saving more, I mean Christmas totally didn’t help but it never does! On top of my bills, I let myself obviously spend money at the grocery store & I treated myself to a facial this past month. Other than all that, I’m really dedicating this next year to getting back on top of my finances & really attempting to save more money!
Last month, I wanted to start the month off fresh & organized. I ended up really buckled down & went through all my clothes & beauty stuff. I really wanted to not only simplify my daily skincare routine but I also wanted to create a capsule wardrobe & since I found myself wearing similar outfits most days, it really is for the best. So yeah, I’ve spent a whole lot of time going through, organizing & decluttering (plus I sold some of the clothes, so that helped my bank account out a little too).

What I’ve Been Watching:


  • The Bachelor
  • Nancy Drew
  • The Good Doctor


  • Suits (finally its over)
  • Riverdale


Well, I have survived 4 months on the job. I have nothing new to report other than that I have a been applying & have been having some great conversations with companies, etc.
Everything seems to be going positively so wish me luck!

In Case You Missed This Months Blog Posts

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How was your January? Did anything exciting happen?
Any big plans for February? 


Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Cass – January 2020

  1. Awesome update! I’m glad that everything is falling into place with your condo and you are settling into your new job! Budgeting is the hardest thing! Lol I need to get on that as well

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