January 2020 Reading Recap

Happy Thursday!
After not reading & hitting my goal of 50 books last year, I decided to try & tackle it again! I added a few new books to my bookshelf last December after getting a few gift cards for Christmas & my birthday! I also totally took advantage of the two local libraries  & learned how to ‘add myself’ to the online waitlist, which made taking books I wanted to read out so much easier!
This year has been off to a great start reading wise, which is super motivating in itself! Hopefully next month will be similar, I’ve been saving the books on my TBR list for my trip so I’ll just have to narrow it down now..

So with January coming to an end, here is my January Reading Recap & current TBR list!

2020 Reading Challenge
– 7/50

Currently Reading:
The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory

Completed in January:

  • How to Hack A Heartbreak by Kristen Rockaway
  • That’s What Frenemies Are For by Sophie LittleField
  • Meet Cute by Helena Hunting
  • The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda
  • One Day In December by Josie Silver
  • The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillroy
  • Unpregnant by Jenni Hendriks & Ted Caplan

My Thoughts:

  • How to Hack A Heartbreak: So I absolutely loved this book. I might be a little biased though because I work in the start-up world & totally understand that, plus I have been on a date or two with a start-up founder, and even now have some close friends who are start-up founders/work for startups. So I mean I totally just got engulfed in the story, yes, it only took me less then 72 hours to read it as well. It was totally well written & again, I just loved how it centred around the startup world & women in coding/being a women in the startup world who is ‘going on dates’ with a startup guy (because we all know what was written in these pages is true, they are notorious for always being busy & always being pulled away & do go on day long hiatus where you don’t hear from them).
  • That’s What Frenemies Are For: WOW, I have no other words. This book was interesting to say the least. This book took a turn & we’ll I just mentally wasn’t ready for it, I had a feeling it was coming but I was so not ready. Overall, again this book just hooked me & I couldn’t put it down.
  • Meet Cute: Another day another predictable cute read. I mean obviously the obvious happened but I found the story line to be different then normal. I also liked Helena’s writing style. She was able to hook me in & I even stayed up late one night because I could not put it down!
  • The Last House Guest: So talk about suspenseful. Definitely one of those easy to-read books that you won’t want to put down. I honestly wasn’t crazy about the story until literally the last little bit of the book, thats where everything really changed for me. I think there could have been so many other juicier things that happened, & I do have so many questions but thankfully there were some big reveals nearing the end & I can’t lie I’m still sort of shook about it!
  • One Day In December: Well, Well, Well. Another darn predictable book. Honestly at first I didn’t quite like it, but as the book went on & it got a little less predictable for a little, I ended up enjoying it. I liked how we were taken on a journey of a decade, with the characters & their lives! I just really hope there ends up being a sequel to this one.
  • The Wedding Date: So I read one of the other books in the series before this one & this ones the first one. I did it backwards clearly. Honestly it was a good introduction to the characters & I loved how the main characters Drew & Alexa were just so perfect for each other right off the batt despite being totally neither ones type. Jasmine does an amazing job with chemistry & like I said it was a great introduction to the series!
  • Unpregnant: This was definitely not a book I would normally read. It was very much the teen type book, big font, you name it! Thankfully it made it a super easy read to get through.

TBR List or as I like to call it the ‘what’s unread on my bookshelf list’:
Again not being read in any order, crossing out books as I read

  • The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien
  • Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen
  • The New Rules of Work by Alexandra Cavoulacos & Kathryn Minshew
  • Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young
  • Special Deluxe by Neil Young
  • Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
  • What Happens in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand
  • The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
  • The Mister by E.L James
  • Angel by Jason Calacanis

What are you currently reading? 

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4 thoughts on “January 2020 Reading Recap

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  2. So I read the first few chapters of That’s What Frenemies Are For and had to stop. I just thought it was too fake, but I guess that’s the point of the whole book. It just wasn’t for me. I’ve also read One Day in December and thought it was cute. And I’ve also read The Wedding Date. I liked that book better than The Proposal, and since I had a bunch of issues with that book, I haven’t read any others of hers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I found it so fake as well, I basically made myself power through it, but I think thats what kept me going which is so weird!

      Also I found The Proposal to be pretty boring compared to the other ones, but that might just be me too.
      I like your taste in books girl!

      Liked by 1 person

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