Linn Lowes’ Strong & Lean Program – Review

Another day, another fitness plan review. Well as everyone knows, I moved out on my own back in August & well until then I had a pretty constant workout schedule & a pretty healthy diet. No big deal right. Well, fast forward to the last few months, I find being on my own I snack more & I started to have not so healthy treats around & possibly stopped eating veggies often. I started to skip the gym or my workout because I was ‘tired’ from my commute or ‘I just didn’t feel like it’, which is so not like me.

So back in October, I decided to give Linn Lowes Strong & Lean plan on the Fitplan app a try. The plan is 12 weeks long & has you in the gym 5 days a week. To be honest, I was really looking for some motivation & some guidance to help me out. Well, I found myself not going 5 days a week for the first few weeks (oops) but I got back on track in November & finally got working out consistently but then, Christmas hit & obviously 5 days in the gym got tough then but I got back into it & it felt like I never took a day off! But lone behold, I finally hit the ‘completed 100%’ & it was such an amazing feeling!



  • I honestly love the app format. You can take your workouts anywhere with you.
  • Helps you stick to a workout schedule
  • There are videos of how to do the workouts, if you don’t know how to & need the guidance
  • The workouts are no joke. I have been working out for years & doing most of the exercising prior, but like even the easy looking days end up killing me (in a good way)
  • It’s a great mix up of exercises.
  • You can easily modify if you don’t have something (yay)
  • The workouts are not interval training!!
  • The Facebook group is full of super motivating ladies which is totally helpful especially on days you don’t feel like getting a workout in!


  • It’s a little bit of a hassle to restart the plan, if you fall off the wagon. I just picked up where I left off each time, which worked out even better I think.
  • 5 days a week in the gym is totally tough when you aren’t used to it

Overall, I found the workouts to be amazing, & totally saw some results. I have way more definition for sure, & my butt even got a little bigger (or rounder or lifted, I dont know what they call it). I found 5 days in the gym was a lot  at first even though I used to be a 5 or 6 day gym-goer, but after a few weeks of consistency it wasn’t as hard to drag myself to the gym, I really found myself actually craving a workout most days. I even took it one step farther & would shift around my week to accommodate spin classes once a week with one of my good friends if I could make it!
I definitely think Linn’s style of workouts have been the best for me personally & I’m already super excited to start the ‘Booty X Boost’ program on Monday, to hopefully get more booty gains & give me a little more shape! I’ve always had a very boxy & no shape to my body, so it’s been super exciting to finally have hips & stuff!
I am so happy I found a trainer & program I enjoyed & that even though I didn’t 100% stick to it, I still saw results. I can only imagine what would happen if I actually changed up my diet (for the better).
2020 has started on a healthy note & I really hope I can not only stick to it but really make this a lifestyle I can manage in this crazy thing called life.

How are you mixing up your workouts? Are you currently using a workout apps or following a program you like? 


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