I’m Hibernating

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a rough January so far & I have been totally hibernating. You could also say, I totally major case of the January Blues this year. The weather has been nothing short of interesting if you can even say that. The weather has been blah & just cold, we finally got this huge snowfall the other day (so at least it finally looks like winter around here).  But like without snow everything is just so ugly & blah & not fun at all. Totally off topic, but like people were freaking out about the snow, and it was less then we’d already have on the ground, so I’m a little confused. But hey, at least we didn’t get hit with snow like out in Eastern Canada, I don’t think I would make it!

So yeah, well as you’ve probably guessed I’ve been literally just hiding away from the cold. I literally don’t leave my condo  unless it’s to go to work, go to the grocery store & the gym. Otherwise just to spend the weekend at ‘P’s’ place downtown (where we literally hide inside) or if we do a quick visit to one of our parents for dinner. But despite the fact that I’ve been clearly hiding out, I’d like to consider it a slight luxury because I have been able to read uninterrupted & I’ve been firing my way through the library books I have out like it’s my day job. With the cold weather & not much to do, I’ve just been finding so much comfort in reading lately & really honestly I haven’t been watching much TV, if I have even turned the TV on , I’m usually watching something mindless enough to be able to still read, clearly I like having some background noise most days!
You also might have noticed I really haven’t even been active writing or posting & already lost out on my New Years ‘Goal’ of posting one post a week. Oops. But honestly, I find when I get home from work, my brain’s tired & the last thing I feel like doing is opening my laptop or even playing on my phone. But that’s for another day clearly.

What have you been up to this January? Are you enjoying the cold or hiding away? 


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13 thoughts on “I’m Hibernating

  1. I wish I could hibernate as well! We got hit with a bit of snow for a week and the whole city shuts down, lol. I was very lucky that my work can be done remotely so I didn’t have to venture out in the snow for the week. I didn’t anticipate how many birthdays were being celebrated in January so I feel like I haven’t had a weekend off since NYE and my wallet needs to rest, lol.

    I hope you are enjoying the cozy hibernation sessions! I notice it’s not total darkness at 4PM anymore so I’m excited for the longer days ahead.

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    • Oh right, there was a bit of snow out west, thats so exciting, but shocking too! But thats awesome, working remotely helps so much with winter & unpredictable weather. Oh I feel you, way too many January babies & events, they need to stop!

      Happy hibernating to you too, I think thats the best part. the 4 pm darkness is too much! But it’s a sign summer is on the way


  2. Staying inside as well!! Except I’m not resting – work, home for yoga, work prep, sleep, repeat haha! Report cards have to be done by feb 10th so I’m trying to organize myself for that. Date with the toddler on Saturday though!

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