& That’s a Wrap on 2019

My oh my!

Well 2019 has come & gone. I know I said it over & over again, but the year just sort of flew on by!
But I am adding my 2019 Recap into the same post because we’ll it’s a holiday & I decided to multitask.

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from December:

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any life updates from the year:

So let’s get to the good stuff, the juicy stuff, aka my 2019 Recap!

So as many of you know, 2019 was a wild year for changes in my life. There was so many firsts, so many ups and downs, adjustments, you name it.

Life was pretty busy & even interesting this year. Where do I start!
I didn’t go to as many concerts as I normally do but I did get to see The Backstreet Boys when they came to Toronto. Saw a few football games (Cowboys vs. Seahawks in the playoffs, Browns vs Tennessee), went to one Leafs game (I can’t remember who they played, apparently it was that entertaining). Went to a few cool things in Toronto: AGO Infiniti Mirrors Exhibit, Aurora Winter Festival. I tried to spend a whole lot of time with my family, my girls & eventually ‘P’. I didn’t travel as much as I would have liked, which is totally okay since I still got out of town often enough. This year I went to Dallas for a Cowboys Playoff Game, traveled down to the Bahamas for a week to beat the February cold, spent a few weekends up in Blue Mountain, ‘P’ & I did our first weekend getaway to Cleveland (he needed to see OBJ & Baker play their first game together).
This year, I lost touch with running a little but for the second time I ran the Lululemon 10k here in Toronto & ran it in 53 minutes (my new time to beat in 2020). I tried a few workout programs that were okay but I finally found a workout program I love & that actually has been working for me, who would have thought I would cut back on my running for the gym …
I found this year, I didn’t go out often which was totally alright with me. I prefer to spend my time reading books or watching tv & relaxing instead of going out, plus it helps that my boyfriend is the exact same way. We did try a bunch of new restaurants this past year which was also exciting!
In August, I took a leap & bought my first place! It has been great moving out of my parents place & into my own condo. I finally have it decorated & it feels so homey now, plus it has also been a huge learning experience for me as well with having real bills to pay & account for! Attempting to adult has gotten so much more real!!
But honestly, since the summer ended there really hasn’t been much going on. I had the worlds most boring birthday, which is apparently unacceptable when you turn 25, but whatever. Other then that, nothing much to report!

Well, this past year I experimented with blind dates, dating apps, I could go on but you know what, nothing worked. I was so content with being on my own but I know what I want & I refuse to settle for just anyone!
But who would have thought I would have started dating ‘P’ back in July after fighting him off for three (or was it four) years. Yes, he wouldn’t give up & after enough encouragement we tried an ‘official’ date & well the rest is history. Unfortunately dating him might have been one of the better decisions I have made. We surprisingly work so well together, which just 8 months ago I could list how many different things he ‘irked me about’. But at the end of the day (& I will beat myself up for saying this but he knows this too) there is really no one that I would rather spend time with or even dare think about growing old with. So I guess unlike last year the year before & the year before, I am starting the New Year in a relationship.

After being unhappy at work for a few months, & spending what felt like forever applying to jobs with no luck. I accepted a job offer & started a new job in October. It was a total change for sure, same industry just different tasks. After updating you all at the two week mark, well at three months in I don’t have more of an update. All I can say is, thank goodness I get to work from home often, otherwise I don’t think I could have made it to this point. Other than that, you might have guessed it but I am back on the job hunt & trying to stay positive this new year, but things are already looking up!

In November, we celebrated Uniquely Cass’ 2 year anniversary. Just looking back & I am in awe of all the awesome individuals I have had the pleasure of connecting with, reading all your posts & being able to share my random thoughts/goals, etc with you all.
I was honestly just so shocked this year by how much my blog has grown & where it’s at now!

There is so much more I can ramble on about that happened this past year, but thank you for bearing through this recap. Just to add some colour to this, here are some photo highlights I have from the past year!
*Just be warned, you may have already seen most of these but I like these photos*

Lastly, a big thank you to all of you! 

Cheers to an incredible 2020!

Have a safe & happy New Years everyone!

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