Aurora Winter Festival

This past weekend, ‘P’ & I decided to check out the Aurora Winter Festival happening in Toronto at the CNE Grounds. We decided to venture all the way over there after dinner (because no matter where you live, even if it’s downtown like him, its still never close enough) & it was a honestly an awesome night.

Basically the Aurora Winter Festival is like a festival but Christmas theme (obviously). There are rides, & even games, & little shops all around, but there are also a ton of Christmas lights & Christmas light displays & there is a little skating rink too. For all my Toronto/GTA peeps, just think CNE (just smaller) mixed with the Distillery Christmas Market on steroids. Might not be the best way to describe it but oh well.

So we went by after dinner, basically you walk through all these Christmas Light displays, clearly they made it all instagram worthy. We walked around, everything is just a large figure 8 or maybe two connected, again that didn’t make sense but just go with it. But games & rides are on one side. We bought a few tickets, we went on the Ferris Wheel & then we did this tube sled thing a few times, both were fun, obviously the Ferris wheel started to get cold since your so high up & well Saturday night was already cold. We walked around & even grabbed a hot chocolate to warm up. After we drank those, we walked through the Christmas Lights & boy was it cute. There was a whole lot of families & couples & then groups of like teenage girls, it was an interesting mix.

Here are a few pictures from our night:


We had a great time, we might even do it again another night (we still have some ride tickets left over & well we wouldn’t want those to go to waste obviously). It got us out of the house which was amazing & it was definitely a lot more exciting than The Distillery Christmas Market is. There is clearly something for everyone!

Do you like going to Winter Festivals or Markets? Have you been to any this year?

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