All Ready For Christmas

This is gonna be very darn short & sweet because it’s my first Christmas in my own place. Obviously I was super excited to get decorating because I love Christmas & the decor, but obviously after some careful budget considerations I couldn’t quite go all out like I wanted to. Basically I am calling this year – Christmas on a budget because I’m just casually waiting for the post-Christmas sales to stock up for next year. So this year, my place looks a little sadder then I would have liked but slowly but give me time & you can bet this place will be as decked out like those Hallmark movies I love!

So we’ll start the big tour with my little reindeer by the front door, basically my guarder of keys!


Next stop, my twinkly lights & Santa, obviously surrounded by a few winter candles.


Oh & don’t even laugh at my tree. It is tiny, it is awkward, but I have officially grown to love it. Maybe with a little more decorations on it, it’ll look less sad…



Not pictured, my winter scented candle I have going every evening/weekend & my holiday tea towels (lol). But like I mentioned, those Christmas sales can’t come soon enough, maybe next year I’ll even have a wreath on my door.

Have you decorated for Christmas? 


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8 thoughts on “All Ready For Christmas

  1. Cute decorations! My decorating is usually just a tiny tree on a table with a snowman table cloth. But I have no space in my new room for it AND it’s in my classroom 😅 it has a tree topper and ornaments and a few years ago I special ordered a grinch LEGO man so he hangs from the top and is trying to steal the star lol

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