I Survived My First Spin Class

You guessed it, this post about fitness or at least trying something new fitness wise.

So last night, I tried & yes, I survived my first ever spin class. Let me tell you, it was no freaking joke. Now when people tell me they ‘religiously go to spin classes’ or ‘spin is their workout of choice’ I will honestly take them seriously & will sing their praises.

So basically a friend of mine loves spin classes, she goes every Thursday night to the local Goodlife for a class, & I mentioned I wanted to give spin a try but just never have because well I don’t really like biking that much & my knees always hurt. So she convinced me to give it a try & join her one Thursday so I wouldn’t have to go alone. So obviously because I said I was in, I couldn’t go back on my word because you can’t do that.

Thursday rolls around & well you guessed it, we were texting about what time to meet up, what time the class was at & all that jazz. Little did I know what I was getting myself into…

We meet up at the local Goodlife & sign up for our bikes (apparently people have favourite bikes & have fought over them… yes, apparently that’s a thing). So I sign up on the bike next to her, and one over from the wall because there is no way I’ll be directly beside a wall or in the middle of a class, compromise right. We get in there, she starts setting up her bike & I’m a total newbie so I’m just watching. The instructor notices & teaches me what to do & how to find a setup I like & even set up a bike properly, so now I know what to set my bike up for next time. From there, I guess you can guess that the class starts & the next 55 minutes are sort of hell but I actually enjoyed it! I didn’t go as high on resistance because it was my first time & I needed to get used to it & the only thing that bugged my knees was the up/down like a maniac section but that I sort of modified to keep up. The music & the instructors energy are honestly the only thing that keeps you going at times, but it was a serious no joke workout…

Fast forward to this morning, my goodness, my back, my butt & quads still feel like they are working but they are totally sore this morning & maybe next week I’ll just take a bath before bed instead of eating two bowls of popcorn (I earned them okay). But I clearly haven’t had that good of a cardio workout in a long time & well that was probably the best cardio workout I have ever done. I’m not saying I’m a converted spinner (I don’t know what else to call it), but it looks like I found my new winter cardio workout because well I hate treadmill running & it’s freaking way to cold & snowy & icy to get outside these days & well spin classes are inside, plus I can catch up with a friend once a week! So I guess Thursday nights you will find me at the local Goodlife spinning away

Have you ever tried a spin class? 


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11 thoughts on “I Survived My First Spin Class

  1. Never been and never had the desire to go 😂but a fellow blogger went to her first one a while ago and her legs literally gave out a day or so after at the grocery store 😂

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