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Happy Saturday!

So November being my birthday month, flew by even faster then any other month.. There is just one more month left of 2019 … So I guess with the usual complaining about time passing by so darn quickly, it’s time to dive into my monthly recap…


Where do I start….
I really don’t have any ‘living on my own’ updates. Right now was just all about getting back into a routine now that I have all my furniture, & everything is pretty well together. Right now I’m basically just trying to get my life together & make sure I can take care of myself basically. But on that note, ‘P’ & I got into a huge fight a few weeks ago (our first big big fight). No details will be spared about this because well I don’t want to talk about it but we did talk things through & are doing pretty darn good.
I did alright on my reading this month, but yes I am still behind on my reading challenge, so we’ll see what happens here, hopefully I can catch up in the next few weeks.
Got slightly back on the healthy eating wagon this month. We decided that we would try to eat in more now that summer is done and it’s cold out. I’ve also been practicing my cooking skills & have been making home made soups (go Cass). I’m slowly (& hoping) that I’ll become a wiz in the kitchen.
I also had to bite the bullet & get myself a new laptop. I cringed writing that. After quite a few years, I finally got something that’s lighter & easier to lug around.
Also yesterday I turned 25. I honestly don’t know why but it kind of hit me a little hard turning 25. I guess it has to do with the whole ‘quarter life crisis’ thing, but yeah so, I’m excited to see what this year brings. But that also means it’s a busy weekend. Yesterday I went out for lunch with my mom. We had a few glasses of wine & ate some yummy food. Then last night ‘P’ took me out for dinner to this fancy Italian restaurant downtown called Soto Soto, unfortunately for us, we didn’t see any celebs (Drake didn’t come through) but we had an amazingly delicious dinner. Today, we are grabbing brunch at this place called Louix Louis, I’m really excited to try it, I’m a brunch person. Tonight we are heading over to the Aurora Winter Festival at the CNE, we decided to mix it up & try that instead of going to the Christmas Market. Tomorrow I’m grabbing brunch with my best friend and then finally putting up my Christmas tree & decorating before we head to my parents to celebrate with my family! This birthday has so far already been amazing, I don’t know but it just keeps getting better, & to think I’ve never been a birthday person.
Oh on that ‘birthday’ topic, Uniquely Cass turned two in mid-November! Thank you all for your support and for reading my writing. It’s been a hell of a year and huge thank you to Paul who yes, talked me off the ledge a few times when I wanted to shut this thing down.

What I’ve Been Watching:


  • All – American
  • Nancy Drew
  • The Good Doctor



So I survived almost two months at my new job. It’s still not what I expected it to be which is a little disappointing but it happens! I’m starting to think about my next moves & I already start applying to some jobs again. But in the meantime, I need to sit down & figure out what my ultimate career goals are!

In Case You Missed This Months Blog Posts

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from November:

‘Q & Cass’:

It has been so awesome, sitting down & answering all your questions!  I started this series to give you all a chance to get to know me & ask questions, make it feel like we are catching up over coffee (or in my case, having a tea date).  Comment your questions here, or even contact me with your questions. I appreciate all the question’s I’ve already received, & had a great time answering! I had a great time answering your questions last month & can’t wait to answer the next bunch in December!
Keep those questions coming in!

How was your November? Did anything exciting happen?
Any big plans for December? 

Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Cass

  1. I’m glad you had a great birthday! Welcome to the 25 club! We have snacks, so I guess it’s okay. Sucks to hear you and your mans had a fight but I’m glad things are better and you two got to celebrate your birthday. Let me know if you need someone to talk to about job stuff!

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