2 Year Anniversary

It’s actually so crazy to think that I started, Uniquely Cass, two years ago.
Better yet, that I actually stuck with it for the past two years!

Last year, for my 1 Year Anniversary I did a Q & A plus 10 things about me. But since I have been doing bi-monthly Q & A’s along with monthly recaps, so I figured I would save you more personal stuff about me and that I would just share how Uniquely Cass got started & how I picked my blogs name & lack of theme

How did Uniquely Cass get started? 
Well, I’m not really sure actually. One of my friends & I were jokingly bouncing ideas off each other for a blog that maybe we could share & start, we never got past the talking about names phase, but I basically just decided to start one on my own & ultimately it made it easier. So yeah, one day I just created a WordPress & got going.

Why the name Uniquely Cass?
I honestly had such a hard time coming up with the name for my blog, I really wanted to pick something that not only represented me as person but also the things I enjoyed & what I intended to write about. I don’t remember where ‘Uniquely’ came from but something about it just worked for me & I decided to go with that, plus it’s pretty versatile.

Lack of theme?
So as you guessed, I also ultimately decided to not go with a theme for my blog. I decided to not limit myself to a certain topic. Which ultimately worked for me because I am pretty all over the place 24/7, so it’s normal for me. I didn’t just want to limit myself to writing about one or two topics, I wanted this to be an outlet where I can post whatever really. Yes, this totally stressed me out at first but I’m pretty type-A & it would have kept me on topic but it was the best decision I made when it came to my blog.

Thank you all for your friendship & support these last 2 years! Can’t wait to see what the next year brings! 

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17 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations Cass. I want to see you write more posts about stories from your life, perhaps work related stuff, relationship stuff, maybe interactions with your family or just wisdom from growing up in Toronto, Canada. I don’t know, just some ideas.

    Good stuff!

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