Staying Productive Working From Home

So lucky for me, I’ve now had the opportunity (with my previous and new job) to work from home once or twice a week. Thankfully both jobs, I have always had everything I need for a day on my laptop which I always have with me. So instead of having to drive to the office a few times a week (gas ain’t cheap & my new commute sucks – it’s even worse with the snow now), I can now work from my little home office in my new place. My office is still a work in progress but what more do you need then a comfy chair & a little desk. However, even after all this time of having the opportunity to work from home, I still find it tough sometimes to work from home & quite frankly be productive or stay on task. So today, I figured why not share a few of the things that help me stay productive on days that I work from home!

Keep a similar work schedule.
Some days I change it up when I work from home, but I typically still work my normal 7 hour day (during the week) and half day (on Fridays).

Designate a work space.
I think this is super important, it’s so easy to plant your booty on the couch & work in front of the TV while you ‘catch up’ on a few episodes, but that’s only distracting. Before I had my desk, I used to work in my parents office or at the kitchen table.

Change your clothes.
Make sure you do your normal morning routine, don’t be lazy & stay in your pj’s because you won’t want to do anything

Eat healthy.
It’s so easy to just eat everything in sight when your near a kitchen instead of having only a packed lunch! Plus who likes to work when they are super full, not me! Save that big breakfast for the weekend & keep your usual weekday breakfasts the same

You stand up during the day while your at the office, take little breaks when you feel like you need to, at the office I usually stand up & walk around the office every hour, so I try to do the same at home!

Stay organized.
I make lists to keep me on track each day of what I need to get done & the priority level, it’s super helpful even at home, especially when I want to vacuum the condo but know I should be working

Thanks for reading, hopefully this gave you that little motivational push if your reading this at work!

Do you have any suggestions on how to stay productive? 


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5 thoughts on “Staying Productive Working From Home

  1. I’ve been working from home for six years now – I’ve used all those techniques and they help for sure. I also got a standing desk and now I need to remind myself to sit down once and a while :-). I’m like you – it is SOOOOOOO nice not to have to go out in the snow too! Wishing you many productive days – enjoy!


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