It’s About Damn Time!

Happy Tuesday!

So I guess you can say there’s been a lot of changes happening in my life lately. First a boyfriend, then my own place, now I’m getting ready to start a new job.

It’s a pretty surreal thing, it’s actually hard to believe I only have another week and a bit left at my job. I have been looking for so long for something new, that I have sort of been in shock that i’m finally making a career move.

At the end of the day, I debated this choice for a little longer than I should have. I received the contract & got cold feet, but ultimately ended up signing! I am still doing almost the exact same tasks for work as I have been at my job now, but we agreed to a shorter contract & a more appealing job title for when I start looking again! I am excited to be staying the Investing world, despite being on the fence about leaving & trying something new, but at the end of the day this was the right career move for me, right now.

At the end of the day, i’ll miss being comfortable in a job & i’ll definitely miss my angels, but it’s a step up for me & a progression with my career. I know now, it was the right move. As you can guess, I am super nervous about the new job & the new responsibility & the new people, but it will be good for me to step out of my comfort zone again.



Have you had to step out of your comfort zone lately? Any big life changes happening in your life? 

I wonder what else could happen in the next few months…. I don’t think I’m ready for any more change!


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9 thoughts on “It’s About Damn Time!

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