A Weekend In Cleveland

So, this past weekend, ‘P’ & I drove on down to Cleveland, Ohio. Yes, I know you’re probably thinking why Ohio. Well, thanks to the damn hype around The Cleveland Browns this year, he needed to see the home opener. Don’t get me wrong I was excited to go & it’s exciting to have a guy who wants to go on weekend trips & loves football as much as I do.

So on Friday afternoon we drove over 5 hours down to Cleveland. We get there just before 5pm maybe, & the city is literally dead…. It was also probably the cleanest city I’ve ever been to but it was dead. So we cleaned up, grabbed a drink at the hotel bar & lone behold Tony freaking Romo is there, I almost fell over. I also was like announcing it to ‘P’ a little too loud but guess what he turned & looked at me. So ya that happened & then we went to our dinner reservation at the Marble Room. Let me tell you, it was honestly the nicest place I have ever been to & the food was literally to die for. I would go back just for the food.

So after having the best dinner of our lives on Friday Night, we went to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday Morning. It was so freaking cool, like I love things like this so I was all in & reading everything. After the hall of fame, we grabbed some lunch at this cute little Mexican place right on the water & then basically walked around Downtown aimlessly until it was close enough to get ready for dinner. Again we grabbed a drink before dinner at the hotel bar, & guess what, we saw Tony Romo again, I was convinced it was fate at this point. We went to leave & as we were walking out, Tony & ‘P’ almost walked into each other, they said ‘excuse me’ & ‘sorry’, but guess what I was just standing there like ‘you almost walked into Tony Romo you idiot’, but he didn’t care so ya. So after my minor heart attack, we made it to our reservation at an Italian place just over one of the bridges, I think it was called Luca or something. Who knows, but it was super good (again, way too many amazing food choices in Cleveland, we were shocked), just super massive portions which we aren’t really used to!


Sunday, we ended up waking up & walking around the tailgating areas, finally it seemed like more people were in the city. It was crazy to see how intense they are in Cleveland. I mean I’ve never seen tailgating like this. Plus I mean it didn’t help I had my cowboys hat & a long sleeve on, but I had to set the tone for this season ya know. I can honestly say I have been ‘barked’ at by packs of grown men & it was definitely a little scary. But after they fell apart, guess what, no one was barking at me anymore (suckers).We ended up leaving with the crowds a little earlier before the game officially ended but we wanted to get back on the road. ‘P’ was super disappointed that the game ended up the way it did because he was so excited but, shit happens & clearly there was way to much hype & no delivery!


Just me surviving the Dawg Pound

After an awesome weekend, it’s been back to reality & back to getting on track! I might have had to sacrifice & miss watching my Cowboys win their home opener but overall, I would probably go back to Cleveland. I wouldn’t spend a whole weekend, but I would totally recommend visiting the city for some seriously delicious food & to witness how dedicated the fans of their sports teams are. We are excited football season is finally back but on another note, we survived our first trip together.

Do you have any trips planned this fall?
Are you following football this season?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out how to survive my first storm alone!


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8 thoughts on “A Weekend In Cleveland

  1. Sounds like a fun trip CD! I’ve never been to the Browns stadium but it looks cool on TV. Most NFL stadiums look virtually the same but they’re all nice I guess. I actually watched your game on CBS. Tony Romo did a wonderful job broadcasting. The Titans might be pretty good. Who knows?

    Glad everything went well.

    See Ya,


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    • Thanks Reid!
      Yeah they sometimes do, this one was nice right on the water. It was a beautiful day too which was helpful with the open roof.
      Who knows, I think they might have a good season too

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  3. I went to Cleveland a few years ago and I also felt like it was dead there. We were walking around and turned onto one street and there was no one on it. Felt like we were on the edge of the world or something. They also have strange street lights lol. Glad you had a good time!

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