Slowly Settling In

Yes, cue the stress, cue the excitement, cue the nervousness. I don’t know what I just typed cue a million times there but I did so deal with it. Earlier in the month, I shared that I was moving out of my parents place & out on my own. Well it’s happened & I am sitting here all by myself, live streaming BIP & slowly settling back into living on my own!

So its only been a few days, not even a week since I moved most of my shit (excuse my language) into my place last Friday! Basically, I got the keys Wednesday, painted (or at least attempted to) on Thursday/Friday morning & a bunch of my stuff got moved in Friday. We spent Friday & Saturday building most of the furniture. Trying to get as much organized & built as possible. Sunday & Monday did some running around & some organizing again. This morning came along & let me tell you, my body is just so sore & honestly it hurts in places I didn’t know existed. Who would have thought carrying things up & down stairs, putting together furniture, painting & cleaning, could hurt so much! But I’ve also officially started to feel like an adult. I complained about spending money on blackout blinds for my bedroom, but they have honestly become the best purchase & investment I think I have ever made. Like you know your an adult when you get excited about blinds….

So enough of me writing about blinds & boring you all.
I’m just excited that this new chapter is already off to a great start, I am slowly settling in & hopefully soon this place will feel like home, right now it’s still my little project! Almost all the furniture is in place, now it’s just the little things, like finding small side tables & lamps (that sort of stuff) & maybe soon i’ll even get started on finding some decor for this place, make it look homey. But I honestly never would have guessed that putting together an adult kitchen was this hard, I still keep forgetting the salt & pepper even though they are the main thing on list …

It’s literally been so surreal, and so nerve racking. Like I stress ate two bags of popcorn tonight for no reason. Shoot, I shouldn’t have mentioned that but that’s where my life is at tonight, yes right now!

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