I’ve Officially Met ‘The Parents’

So I was kidding in that last post where I first talked about going on a ‘date’ with ‘P’. I pretty much joked that the next step was meeting the parents but apparently I wasn’t far off.

So as you can maybe guess from that title & if you caught it slipped into my July ‘Keeping Up With Cass‘, but little ole me is officially off the market. I guess you could say I have a boyfriend. Don’t worry you’re still in shock from this little bomb, I am too. Basically our couple of dates has now turned serious & I even got to meet the parents, not only once (like I originally planned to write about) but now twice already.

Since he knows my family really well, he decided it was time for me to finally meet his family. So a few weekends ago, I was introduced to the family at his dad’s birthday… Talk about serious. I even met his nana who was in town for the weekend. It went surprisingly great & I was basically beyond nervous for no reason. But ya, so we went by for dinner again this past weekend. Like the first time I met them, I was still nervous as hell, even though I knew there was nothing to worry about. His family are super kind & welcoming & they are super awesome to joke around with. It honestly seems like us starting to date was not even a surprise to them. They apparently knew about me prior to us starting to date, so it was more of a ‘were so happy to finally meet you’.

It made me nervous that they heard about me before we even dated but I think that helped. Thanks to the two super successful visits with his family, I got invited to tag along on their family trip to California. I’m actually already mentally preparing myself to spend a whole 10 days with them in February. I know it’ll be great but i’ll just be so nervous the whole time. So if anyone has any tips on how to really win the family over before or during that trip or even just surviving 10 days, I am all ears & could use the advice! 

Have you had to ‘Meet The Parents’?
How did ‘Meeting The Parents’ experience go for you? 

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13 thoughts on “I’ve Officially Met ‘The Parents’

  1. Ooo wow look at you!! I haven’t done a meet the parents in a LONG time (like omg I dont even know how many years) so I’m sure the next time will be anxiety filled. But I’m more concerned about the possibility of introducing my parents to someone. I keep my romantic life out of my parents knowledge so much so that I’m pretty sure they think I’ve never dated at all. So that will be interesting whenever/if ever it happens haha

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  2. Congrats Cass! You just gotta be yourself. Don’t fake anything except always remember to be nice. That’s all you have to do. Smile. Be nice. Don’t get involved in controversies. That’s all. Good luck!


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  3. I remember meeting Dan’s parents for the first time! I was soooo nervous but they are such incredible people and so welcoming. I still get nervous from time to time but I always tell myself that it’s been a few years already, lol.

    Best of luck in that family California trip! You’ll be fine and it’d be such a blast to hang out with everyone!

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    • I feel like it something that’ll be nerve racking to everyone for a few years. But that is great that they are incredible & everything, I’m sure your nerves will go away!

      Thanks, it’ll be fun. I’m excited to hangout with them more & it’ll give me that chance to get to know them better I hope


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