It’s Official..

Happy Monday!

It’s official, I have been keeping this secret for a few months now, but I can finally start sharing the news!

I’m officially moving out of my parents place & into my own condo!
I’m I will officially be living on my own!

After months & months of looking, I finally found something I loved & could see myself living in. It has been a serious & long process, seeing so many place, seeing places multiple times at different times to see what it’s like at different times of the day, signing documents, reading emails within seconds of getting it because it’s urgent, you name it. I found out back in May I would be moving into my own condo.Β Finding out I got the condo I originally fell in love with was probably the best news I could have gotten in the past few months.

Despite originally wanting to move to the city & experience that Downtown Toronto life while I’m only 24 (as my parents & every adults says I should), I have opted to move even further away from the city & stay in the suburbs. I found this new low rise condo, I’m located on the third floor of the building it has a mini little gym & I am super close to the highway & the train, so I have petty good access to still get to Toronto if I need to. I do also have this beautiful view from my balcony of… wait for it…. a construction site…. beautiful right. But the areas only developing which is great as well!

So ya, I officially get the keys next week, its been a busy few weeks trying to get all the furniture & order things (yes, that’s why I have been MIA from posting & all that fun stuff). I am so excited to get painting next week & get everything moved in! I can’t wait to see what it looks like all put together. There’s really only so much you can do buying a pillow here, towels there, a side table, I just hope it all looks decent together in the end!

I’m excited but also totally nervous for this new chapter!

Next stop: adulting …


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19 thoughts on “It’s Official..

  1. Congratulations on getting your own place! Please keep us posted on how you choose to decorate your space!

    I thought about living in Downtown Vancouver as well when the opportunity came up but ultimately decided to stay in the suburbs with easy access into the city. For me and my partner, we just couldn’t justify spending a lot on such a tiny little space.

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    • Thanks girl! I totally will πŸ™‚

      I totally understand, I almost moved out to vancouver for a job a few months ago & ended up turning it down after looking at rental prices in downtown. Plus, theres nothing wrong with the suburbs, its way more homey & peaceful I find!


  2. Congratulations Cass! That is seriously great news. You’re gonna love your own place. It’s another big step in your life. You’ll always remember how much work you did to get there, as well as how much you grew in this home. Don’t take it for granted. It’s such a cause for celebration!


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  3. Congrats girl!! I love, love, loved my 1 bedroom apartment. Living with parents and roommates is fine, but having your own place is the best! I hope you enjoy every second of it. πŸ™‚

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