I Finally Went On A Date

My mom is honest to god probably laughing & just shaking her head reading that. You’re welcome for all the inside & behind the scenes scoop mom.

So as you all know I basically decided to give up on dating after one last failed attempt at wasting time on Bumble, it’s taken me a little while to get back on the dating train. I mean who has time to date anyways. All my friends have serious boyfriends, which is great & I’m so happy for them, but at the end of the day, I really don’t see any of them often anymore. Which has ultimately led me to pick up side work, read more & just hide at the cottage every chance I get. To make things even worse, I have taken the past few months off from dating & all that fun stuff, after a few failed attempts at being set up on dates by my girls. The other night, I ended up going on a ‘date’ if you can even call it that.  I mean I wouldn’t call it a date because we’ve known each other for a while & well he’s tried for a few years to win me over & ultimately I just gave up on pushing him away & figured why not. We’ll call him ‘P’ for the sake of this. But basically P is around a whole lot in the summer, he’s friends & works with our neighbours, comes to the cottage, you name it. We’ve been friends for years, gotten into bad fights leaving him blocked in my phone, you name it. Just recently, he decided to start bugging me again about maybe giving us a shot, of course I fought it, said there was no way in hell but we settled it with ‘fine one date’. I mean after all this time, we could give it the one shot to see & leave it at that. So after weeks of pushing it, we finally had that date.

P, made it clear he would not let me drive into the city to meet him. Toronto’s not far from me but like I like doing things for myself which he knows. But he insisted on ‘doing this dating thing seriously’, picked me up on his way home from work, your probably like no big deal, he drove you down there stop complaining, but guys, he lives downtown & knowing him he would never let me cab or uber by my lone self from downtown to where I live after the date really bugged me because he would have to turn right back around & head back downtown.

So, we took a little walk around downtown toward Yorkville & went to Cibo for dinner, he ended up taking me to my favourite restaurant. We talked, ate & had a little bit of wine, oh & we sweated like crazy since the air conditioning was broken (he was so not happy about that) but overall, it was a surprisingly good night. If you knew us, you would be shocked we didn’t bicker or argue or any of that. So ya, basically it went pretty damn good surprisingly.

Things have been going so well, since that first date we have gone on about 3 more dates. So I don’t want to speak to soon or anything, but things have been good & we’re happy with where things are at, which is pretty darn awesome. I might be speaking a little soon on this but i’m assuming the coming up next would be, me getting to meet his parents … Yeah, scary I know.

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