CCFit Mini Summer Challenge Review

Happy Tuesday

It’s back to reality after a long weekend & that means back to the gym (& not eating bags & bags of chips by myself)

So last month I decided to join in on a 30 day fitness challenge. I have been following Christina Caprone on Instagram for a while, using her page/the workouts she posts, as inspiration for my workouts & when she announced she had a 30 day challenge for June, I decided give the ‘Mini Summer Challenge’ a shot. To be honest, I was really looking for some motivation & some guidance to get me back to being in the gym (if i’m paying for my membership, you can bet i’m there more often than not). So the Mini Summer Challenge was only 4 weeks long, it was 5 workouts a week (all based at the gym, but you have the option to do workouts at home, if you have some equipment). I opted to go to the gym Monday through Friday to get the workouts done, two of the weeks I left town & went to the cottage on Thursday Night so I swapped the ‘Friday Full Body Gym Workout’ with one of the ‘At-Home Full Body Workouts’. I was doing really well too for the first three out of four weeks, which was awesome, but then the last week of June I was so busy & only made it there once (whoops)


  • I honestly love the app format. You can take your workouts anywhere with you. You also have the option to play the workouts as you go, or just do without the audio (since it gave a breakdown).
  • Helps you stick to a workout schedule
  • There are videos of how to do the workouts, if you don’t know how to & need the guidance
  • The workouts are no joke. I have been doing some of the same exercises for years, but my body ached like it’s never ached before because of the way she structures the workouts.
  • No two days are the same, it’s a great mix up of exercises.
  • The workouts are not interval training!!!!!!!


  • Sometimes one of the exercises is something that irritates my hip or shoulder, so I have to skip it. There are no alternatives or modification shown.
  • The challenge was only one month long, & it would have been nice to maybe have the challenge be two or three months long, since it usually takes about three months to see progress/get into the swing of things.

Overall, this challenge pushed me harder at the gym. I definitely liked it was better than Kayla Itsines Sweat App/ The BBG Program. I could easily see myself continuing to follow her workouts for the next month, the app isn’t expensive (yay) & I would like to see if I can see a difference with the workouts. The only thing I might do differently is cut the weight training days from 5 days to 3 /4 days but add extra cardio in or a yoga day in. I found 5 days of weights to be a little to much for me, even though there was a 20 minute stair master added to the end some days. I did notice a slight difference in my body while doing the program, but not as much as I thought I might have, but again it takes longer than 30 days to notice a real difference.

How are you mixing up your workouts? Are you currently using a workout apps or following a program you like? 

Thanks for reading!

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