Keeping Up With Cass

Happy Canada Day Weekend!
(& Happy Race Day all you F1 fans)

I am pretty darn excited that tomorrow is a holiday, I love short work weeks!
Anywho, It’s time for my monthly recap…
Like last month, this one not only flew on by but it was just one of those months. Plus this long weekend is totally needed.

As you probably noticed, I didn’t do much writing again this month. I read a whole lot though which was great & really helped me de-stress (bonus). There is nothing I love more than alone time & curling up with a book.
You probably also know by now that the Toronto Raptors are the NBA Champs, which is honestly like huge. HUGE! I didn’t get to go downtown for the parade unfortunately but there was no way I was dealing with that 404/Don Valley morning traffic. I watched all the games in the last round which was impressive, I haven’t done that in a while. My brother & I watched the final game at a local bar, I will never forget that night.
Last month, I mentioned I got a gym membership. This past month I decided to do a ‘Mini Summer Challenge’ that one of the Instagram Fitness Influencers I follow created.
I ran the Lululemon 10k here in Toronto in 54 minutes & 53 seconds. It was tough but I did it, which is honestly all that matters.
TV wise: Well obviously I have been watching the Bachelorette weekly (You better not be missing the weekly recaps over on The Captains Speech). I did watch this one show on Netflix called ‘Quicksand‘, it was a short little European series & it was actually pretty good! I haven’t picked out a binge watch series on Netflix quite yet, but I started watching ‘Hotel Grand’ on Monday’s & it’s actually surprisingly really good!
I did have some time to watch a movie or two, I’m trying to clear out ‘My List’ over on Netflix. So I finally watched: The Last Summer, & Murder Mystery!

Honestly nothing to report here other than I am still looking! I do however know that summer is like the toughest hiring season, so i’m basically just taking it easy & will really focus on finding work come September.
I did however pick up some extra work creating online newsletter’s for local business’ so that should start keeping me busy in the evenings.

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from June:

‘Q & Cass’:
It has been so awesome, sitting down & answering all your questions!  I started this series to give you all a chance to get to know me & ask questions, make it feel like we are catching up over coffee (or in my case, having a tea date).  Comment your questions here, or even contact me with your questions. I appreciate all the question’s I’ve already received, & had a great time answering! I had a great time answering your questions this month & can’t wait to answer the next bunch in August!

How was your June? Did anything exciting happen? Any big plans for July? 

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time for me to get ready to watch the Austrian Grand Prix before I get my tan on.
Thanks for reading & have an amazing Sunday!

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8 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Cass

  1. Happy Canada Day! Congrats on the Lululemon 10k run – that’s awesome you finished that in less than an hour! I honestly cannot run for the life of me because I have pretty flat feet and get shin splints within 5-10 minutes but this year, I’m a bit more interested in trying out insoles to help with that.

    Good luck with your job hunting! It really is tough during the summer months – have you looked into temporary contracts for the season? I think you can have a shot on those since people take vacations and need to find a temp.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy Canada day girl!
      Thanks so much, it was tough but all the pain was worth it! Insoles sounds like a great idea (I think I need some too), I’ve heard they are super awesome

      Thanks! It really is. I never thought of that actually, i’ll have to take a look. Thanks for the suggestion!


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