Q & Cass – Pt. 3

Happy ‘Q & Cass’ Saturday!

We are back! I am so excited to be answering your questions finally & like I mentioned in Pt. 1, & Pt.2, I want this to feel like we’re just catching up & chatting over coffee/tea/hot chocolate/wine, you name it! I’m giving you a chance to get to know me better!

  1. Best encounter with a famous person?
    I’ve never had like an encounter with a famous person, I’ve seen them but never have the balls to get a picture or anything or say anything.
    But this one time at a concert actually last summer, I was running back from the washroom cause my favourite song came on. These guys were walking in front of me taking up the whole walk way & wouldn’t move when I said excuse me. So basically I grabbed this guys arm & like pulled him out of my way as I moved past him, yelling ‘Get the F*** out of my way’. Only to hear him laugh quietly. So of course I turned back & then had to do a double take…
    I had just told Tyler Seguin, like my hockey crush to ‘Get the F***, out of my way’ while pushing him aside. You can honestly bet I had a total freak out once I got back to my friends.
  2. If someone gave you $5 Million but said you can’t have popcorn ever again, would you take it?
    Hell yes. I would give up popcorn in a heartbeat, where do I sign up?
  3. Did you play sports growing up?
    No, I tried to play softball one year in high school & that went okay. I danced for a few years, I was really into snowboarding/skiing that was my thing. I did run track & cross country but gave that up!
  4. What are your career goals?
    If you asked me this like 3 years ago, I would have said I’d love to own my own Event Planning Company one day. Now I am so unsure of what I want to do. Right now I’m just focusing on finding a job where I can grow & continue to learn. Hopefully continuing to work for myself is totally an option !
  5. What do you see being a comfortable job for yourself?
    Honestly this is a tough one. Totally have to go with Event Planning or Communications or even just anything where I get to work with people/customers. I’m a people person!

Again, I only picked 5 questions, so if you don’t see one you asked, stay tuned! But in the meantime if you have a question to ask me, please leave them in a comment below (nothing to personal, please & thank you)!

Thank you all again for all your awesome questions, I can’t wait to answer more of your questions in Part 4 in August!

Thanks for reading!

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