Lululemon Toronto 10K Recap

Happy Saturday!

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to participate in the Lululemon Toronto 10k! I got to run this for the second year in a row & little ole me, actually registered right away (it sold out in no time)! Again, I ran it alone, none of my friends are big runners so they won’t join in on the fun. Leading up to this years run, I hadn’t trained as much as I normally would, honestly barely averaging 10k per week. I had been feeling super anxious about even running in the race & was debating dropping out. Originally, my goal was to beat my 10k PR: 51 Minutes. But as the race got closer, I knew that wouldn’t happen. I just wanted to be able to finish.

So back track to 6 am, yesterday morning, my mom drove me downtown, dropping me off a few minutes away from the race area before driving across the city to the end of the race. I think this was the first time I wasn’t nervous before a run, which was weird, but I was just ready to get this over with!


The race started out alright, I had a slower pace right off the bat, I just wanted to save some energy for the end. But before I even hit the 2k mark, my shoes had untied & it slightly threw me off having to stop.
& by the 3k mark, I actually questioned why I was doing this. I saw my mom just before the 5k mark cheering me on & taking photos, & I got a small second wind.

But it was short lived, by the 6k mark, my feet were so sore but all of a sudden out of nowhere I had these odd pains in my right thigh, so I briefly let myself walk. I did end up walking again a few times between the 6k mark & the 8k mark. By the time I got to the 8k mark, I got my last wind & realized I needed to get my butt moving if I wanted to make it out alive & by that point the finish line was just getting closer. Crossing the line was such a relief & honestly the best feeling in the world.

The weather ended up being fantastic, it was actually pretty chilly this morning which I prefer to run in anyways. I ended up completing the run in 54 minutes & 53 seconds, thankfully staying under 55 minutes.. Again I was pretty close to beating my 10k PR & my time from last year, but I came up short. But hey, I made it out alive & that is all that counts!

Running with over ten thousand people made this experience that much better. I am so sore & tight at the moment, my legs right now are in so much pain & I can’t walk without wearing my Birkenstocks my feet hurt that bad right now, so lucky me, i’m hiding in my room for the rest of the day!

At the end of the day, I felt so accomplished for actually following through & completing this race when all I wanted to do was quit leading up to race day. I already plan on running the Lululemon Toronto 10K again next year, despite not knowing if i’ll train again for it. It really helps that they have an awesome goody bag!

Ps: Thank you to my amazing mum for taking some great photos!


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12 thoughts on “Lululemon Toronto 10K Recap

  1. No matter how you got to the finish, running 10k is darn impressive. Congrats! And based on one of your photos, it makes it look like you’re at the front of the pack and everyone’s chasing you so that’s definitely the story you should tell people lol

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  2. I’ve not completed a 10k, but last year I did the 3.2 mile remembrance run for the Virginia Tech shooting victims (that I do every year…) and within the first 10 minutes, I fell and sprained my ankle. At least you didn’t do that… 🙂 Good for you!

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