2019 NBA Champs: Toronto Raptors



I honestly just can’t believe this right now. I can’t believe I just wrote that out. Not only did the Raptors finally make it to the NBA Finals but we just beat Golden State to become NBA Champs.

This literally feels like a dream right now.

My brother & I went to a local restaurant & watched the game. We got there like two hours early because let’s be real, most people in the suburbs start drinking earlier anyways, & we wanted a damn good table, thank goodness we did because it was pretty full already in there. But like as you can imagine, everyone was going nuts every time we scored, etc. & it was just a great atmosphere to watch the game in. But those last .09 seconds were by far the toughest we had to endure all night. The boys came out to play tonight & really put up a good fight.

Literally me leaving the bar tonight

But this is seriously a big moment for us. We have been waiting 24 years for something like this to happen in Toronto, hell our last championship was the Jays back in ’93, we’ve been waiting a while. Tonight, we won our first ever NBA Championship ever. We get our first parade in Toronto since ’93. This is a big deal.

We aren’t even in Downtown Toronto right now (I have friends letting me know it’s complete madness at the moment there) & horns are literally just honking, I can literally just hear people screaming outside in the streets.
This is complete madness.

Now i’m just rambling, but I am just so happy & so damn excited. Tonight (I guess last night now) was literally a dream. I’m probably speaking for everyone, but we’re all just so proud of this team & what they accomplished!

Congrats to the Toronto Raptors on being the 2019 NBA Champs.

I’m just gonna go back to celebrating & hope tomorrow I can function.


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