Blue Mountain – 2019

Blue Mountain is a year-round mountain resort, it is a great place for a getaway for us GTA/Toronto peeps & has ultimately has something for everyone to enjoy! The adorable Blue Mountain Village has amazing restaurants, bars, & shopping, along with awesome skiing, golf, hiking & more.
(I’m about to mention 2 different visits to Blue Mountain that have happened so far in 2019, so bare with me quickly).

So going a little off topic here & back tracking a few months, but I visited back in January with my parents. We had a great time. Usually we ski/snowboard but this time shockingly we didn’t hit the slopes, we went cross country skiing & snowshoeing. I cross country skied over 20 kilometres in under 30 hours, I went a whole 3 times. My mom joined me twice & she snowshoed with my dad once & my dad who hates snow stuff went snowshoeing 3 times. It was also cool because my cousin was up with her girlfriend & her dad, so we went to these super cool places in the evening & listened to live music.

So back to the whole girls weekend thing. My best friend & I visited at the beginning of May, we figured we would escape to the mountains & have a little girls weekend away. Lord knows we both needed it, we relaxed, explored the village, indulged at the restaurants & escaped the city after a crazy little bit! We’ve both had so much going on lately that we figured why not! We arrived on Friday, just before dinner since we left after work. We walked the village & enjoyed a pitcher of sangria & shared some food at Kaytoo one of the bars in the village. On Saturday, we decided to skip having a spa day like we originally planned & ventured up to the scenic caves where we ended up hiking & even went zip lining. It also ended up warming up on Saturday, so post-hiking & zip lining, we decided to sit on a patio in the village looking over the pond & had some much needed catching up time! My best friend is a wiz in the kitchen so we ended up having dinner in the room after heading into town to pick up some dinner supplies, it was super delicious & was a great end to our super relaxing night before waking up early & driving back to make mothers day brunches! Overall, we spent a great 48 hours relaxing, being adventurous & enjoying the Blue Mountains. We had a few drinks, hiked a few miles, indulged in some amazing food, & relaxed for the first time in what felt like a while!

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9 thoughts on “Blue Mountain – 2019

  1. Looks like so much fun!! In all my years living in southwestern Ontario, I have never been to Blue Mountain! Lol kind of makes me want to go now

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      • That’s good! I always knew it was a ski place but I don’t ski or anything so I never even thought to look into things to do in other seasons lol

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