Keeping Up With Cass

Happy Friday!

So since this last month, flew on by, yet again.
Are you ready for my 30 second recap, no? That’s too bad.

I honestly found this past month just super tough in general.

It has been mayhem. I repeat mayhem. Trying to live with brothers again & the extra bodies in the house has been interesting to say the least.
This past month I had no desire to write, I just couldn’t find the words or the inspiration to write which sucked since I had the time. I also had troubles reading (what!), I couldn’t just sit & read, I wanted to be doing something at all times. I went from reading four books in April to only two in May. Basically no desire to read or even write. That sums up my last month.
But on the bright side, The Toronto Raptors made it to the NBA Finals, which is seriously still so surreal to me even though we played last night. It’s so exciting to have something this awesome happening in Toronto!
I also ended up caving & getting a gym membership again & my god, do I feel so damn good. I am back to doing weights a few times a week, mixed in with attempting to have two long runs a week & if i’m feeling up to it I add a short run one other day. I also have been trying to squeeze in one yoga class a week just to loosen up my muscles!
On to the 10k update: I am exactly 2 weeks out, 14 days from running the Lululemon 10k here in Toronto. I have been trying to run around 2 times a week. It has been tough & I have honestly had my ups & downs, but it’s been great to get outside & attempt to run, I feel a little better about the run than I did a few weeks ago, which is a bonus.
I met with a spiritual healer at the beginning of the month, I was debating writing a full post about it but it was a very personal experience, so decided not to. Meeting with her was exactly what I think I needed to start this month off on a good note. I was feeling overwhelmed & very scattered, & left feeling more grounded than I think I ever have!
TV wise: I finally finished up The Good Wife, who would have thought I would have gotten hooked on it! It wasn’t a bad show at all, I wouldn’t recommend binge watching or using it as a show to play in the background but it’s a great show if you like lawyer shows. Last month I mentioned I was watching: Dynasty, Riverdale & Very Cavallari, well they all had their finals like last week, so i’m just over here searching Netflix for some new stuff to watch! Otherwise, I haven’t really watched anything, I’ve been tired & just trying to limit my daily screen times with the nicer weather, but in all honestly I have just been sleeping a whole lot more!
I did however just get some really good news like a week ago & I can’t wait to share it with you all! It still doesn’t feel real to me, maybe because I haven’t told anyone yet, but i’ll be sharing the news soon hopefully!

I don’t even want to talk about this right now. But basically things have been going to shit which sucks, there are so many changes & all will slowly be affecting me more.
But I have been constantly searching & slowly applying to jobs, it’s just starting to get frustrating since I haven’t heard anything yet (some have been like a while now) but wish me luck!

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from May:

‘Q & Cass’:
It has been so awesome, sitting down & answering all your questions!  I started this series to give you all a chance to get to know me & ask questions, make it feel like we are catching up over coffee (or in my case, having a tea date).  Comment your questions here, or even contact me with your questions. I appreciate all the question’s I’ve already received, & had a great time answering! I can’t wait to answer all the questions you all have for me in June.

How was your May? Did anything exciting happen? Any big plans for June? 

Thanks for reading!

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