Yayoi Kusma: Infinity Mirrors

Earlier this month, my mom was a total sweetheart & took me to see the Yayoi Kusma Infiniti Mirror Exhibit at The Art Gallery of Ontario (thanks ma). My mom is an AGO member & had early access to the exhibit, which was pretty darn cool. Living in the Toronto Area my whole life, I’ve surprisingly never been to the Art Gallery (shocker right), but it’s been on my list! I love museums & galleries (next up hopefully the ROM)..
It took us a while to find where we were supposed to go, but once we did, we had exactly one minute to spend in the exhibit (ugh). We took a few photos & then they told us our time was up. After, we figured we may as well walk around & see what was in the Art Gallery since we drove all the way downtown during rush hour.
It was pretty cool, there was so many exhibits. Personally I found it a little overwhelming & I probably will have to go back & do one of those guided tours since I know absolutely nothing about art. But it was cool to see the art & how it’s changed over the years!

So in honour of the exhibit opening to the public yesterday, here are some pictures we took in the 1 minute we had to quickly experience it!
(Excuse my awkward pose below, I’m still learning how to take pictures in general & I usual do something goofy when I don’t want a picture & we went straight there from work so the work outfit made the whole thing way better…)


Thanks again ma, for taking me to see the Infiniti Mirrors Exhibit & for walking around the AGM with me for hours!

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5 thoughts on “Yayoi Kusma: Infinity Mirrors

  1. In elementary school they took us on field trips to the AGO, ROM, science centre, basically anywhere downtown. They didn’t do that for you? Also don’t worry about the goofy pose, they do it all the time on The Price is Right so it can’t be that bad lol

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