Cass’ Case of Writers Block – Part 3

So, at least its been almost a year since I wrote about having Writers Block in Pt.2 so that is a serious plus! But I don’t know about you but I’m in a slight writing funk lately & I have no idea why. I feel like I have ideas about what I want to write about or topics, but then when it comes to writing I just can’t get it going! I have been feeling so creative lately but nothing seems to want to come out.

I was just sitting here looking at previous posts from back in 2018 & I realized I must really be in a slight writing funk lately, there are so many ‘draft posts’ sitting here waiting to be finished that may never get finished because I can’t quite find the words.  Like I went to Blue Mountain for a girls weekend, I went away with my family back in February to the Bahamas, I’ve attended some cool stuff, even went for high tea with my homies one day at this beautiful place outside Toronto, but these posts are just sitting here, in my ‘drafts’ taunting me.
This year, I was planning on being more productive, finish up posts, schedule them & keep a calendar, you name it. This is something I have actually been sticking to for the most part, I mean here & there you move a post around but that’s life right! Plus, I decided to start to carry a little notebook with me to jot down ideas when I have them since ideas come & go!

I know that writers block can happen to everyone, but something is clearly holding me back from writing. So since were stuck in this little funk again, I’ll just be here jotting my ideas down & attempting to write anything. Again there was no editing, no over reading, just posting a post about all the darn ‘drafts’ I have started that will probably never get finished or see the light of day!

Do you have any tips for getting out of a writing funk? 

Oh & despite writing this jumble, our Raptors just beat the Bucks so it’s an overall good night!

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6 thoughts on “Cass’ Case of Writers Block – Part 3

  1. When I get into a writers block, I literally just avoid my blog. If I keep going back to it I get too stressed out and that makes it worse lol

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  2. Cassius! Don’t fret my friend. You’ll get out of your dry spell. I have 44 drafts saved in my “Hopper”. Now that school’s out for Summer, expect to be reading many posts from “Dutch”. Do you even read my stuff? You better you better you bet.

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