10K Training – One Month Out

Happy Saturday!

It’s official, in one month I’ll be running the Lululemon 10K here in Toronto.

How is my training going? 
Well it’s been almost two months since I signed up for the run, & started my training! Now when I say training, I usually have a running plan leading up to goals like this, & normally I stick to them. However, I’m not sure what it is or what is happening but right now instead of averaging 3-5 runs a week like I normally would, I am only running 1-2 times a week. It’s honestly so crazy to think that literally at the beginning of this year, I had all my runs scheduled, you name it & that not even a month ago I was so ready run literally every damn day!

I do desperately need new running shoes, so i’m not sure if that’s why i’m just not really running much right now. Or if it could be because the weather is just so all over the place right now & keeps messing me up when I want to run outside. I have also been dealing with a whole lot of migraines lately which is a huge factor, & honestly when those things hit, there is no going back! I have thought about dropping out of the run, but I would never do that, i’m the type of person who needs to stick something out even if the end result won’t be great.

I finally, & I mean finally, ran 5k this morning. Despite feeling like I was dying (I’d blame all the chips I ate yesterday), being totally dehydrated from not drinking enough water the past few days & having non of my usual running gear. I was shocked I even lasted so long. I almost got hit by a car or two as well, cause no one ever slows down on back country roads. I took it slow & steady even let myself walk but I survived & it’s a small step to get back to following my running schedule again.

So you know what this all means: i’m just going to give it my all at this point & hope for the best on race day. Oh & you can bet i’ll be back to scheduling my runs in my calendar for the next little bit..

Are you running any races this year? Do you have any advice for surviving long runs?

Let’s get this over with!

This year I am running to support ‘The 519‘. It is Canada’s largest LGBTQ2S community centre, & is committed to the health, happiness & full participation of our LGBTQ2S communities. My cousin & some friends of mine are part of the LGBTQ community & I truly believe that all individuals should feel included & spaces like the 519 are in place to help the LGBTQ community & the community as well.
I have set a goal of raising $100 for ‘The 519’. If you would like to donate to this cause, there is no pressure here, but if you’d like you can sponsor my run here!
Thank you all for your support!

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