Monat Product Review

Back in January, I decided to make the haircare switch & started using Monat products. By now, you have probably seen them all over your social media. Every girl & their dog are basically selling them.
I decided to start using it after I borrowed the bottle from my mom after I ran out of shampoo/conditioner & forgot to go buy some. My mom has been using Monat for a while now, her friend started selling it a while back before anyone knew what it was.
DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid review in any way (I whole heartedly promise), this is my own personal opinion & experience from using the products!

Thanks to my mom, I started using Monat’s Renew Shampoo & Revitalize Conditioner, once a week I was even using the Replenish Hair Masque. Prior to using Monat on my hair, I have been using the Eyelash serum since I stopped getting my lashes done like over a year ago, I had no eyelashes after my extensions fully came off & this has literally been my miracle cure. There are no toxic ingredients in their products, they’re a cruelty free and vegan haircare company.

I’ve always had issues with my hair. It’s a frizzy mess & doesn’t curl some days or its frizzy & half straight/curly, always started looking yucky after 24 hours (or less), or my hair was seriously damaged, I mean you name it! So fast forward 4 months later, my hair doesn’t tangle into a serious mess post shower like it used to, my hair has grown so damn quickly & my hair doesn’t get greasy looking for at least a few days. My hair is also so much healthier looking. I did experience at one point a whole lot of hair loss, which was quite weird but that seems to have stopped, I’m not sure if it was the products or if I was just stressed the heck out but that was sort of freaky. I do personally love how nice my hair feels & how the products make it smell. But the big thing for me is the price, I don’t see the point in spending so much for shampoo/conditioner, especially since budgeting is literally taking over my life, so for now I’ll just be finishing up what I have & start looking for something else to use.

Have you tried Monat? Do you have any Shampoo/Conditioner you use & love that you would recommend I try? 

Thanks for reading!

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