Kayla Itsines’ BBG Program Update

Alright guys, so it’s been two full months (I guess 3 months if you count the pre-bbg month) since I started Kayla’s BBG program on her Sweat App. I figured I would do an update post to check in & share my thoughts!

I don’t currently have a gym membership anymore because I couldn’t wrap my head around paying for a yoga pass & a gym membership at the same time. I like variety & trying new things, which is why I cancelled my gym membership (plus spring was around the corner so I knew I would be running more). Basically all these variables led me to download & try out Kayla Itsines’ BBG Program on her Sweat app.

How am I feeling about the BBG program so far? Here are my pros and cons.


  • I honestly love the app. You can take your workouts anywhere with you. The 7-minute timer is built right on in & a Kayla bot actually moves to the exercises with you, showing you how to do them properly, they also have the option to modify moves as well.
  • It’s super user-friendly.
  • Helps you stick to a workout schedule
  • For a cardio lover like me, it is very cardio focused which is awesome!
  • The ab workouts are killer! I swear I can’t laugh for days i’m so sore.


  • I find I have lots of trouble with the arm & abs workouts, the always bug my shoulders leaving me to half-ass the workout.
  • Because it is very cardio focused, I feel like I am loosing muscle mass & getting weaker.

Overall, this app is pretty good for at-home workouts & enjoy circuit work. I’m not sure if I would do this program at a gym. Personally, I prefer going to the gym & using machines over at-home circuit work, but I did however just cancel my subscription to the app because I wasn’t seeing that great results & at the end of the day I don’t want to be spending money on something that hasn’t worked for me. I’m not saying it won’t work for you but there’s no harm in giving it a try! But until my payment period is up, I will 100% be doing the workouts until I don’t have access to them!

I was thinking about adding in a before/after picture but I was super nervous about doing it & decided not to. But roughly around a year ago, I actually started taking photos of myself in similar poses and/or similar outfits, to track my progress or spot any differences instead of using a scale.

So with that, if anyone has any workout apps or programs they like, feel free to share them with me i’m currently in the market to try a new one.

BBG might not have been for me, but if you want to get started but don’t know how or where to begin, it might be for you!

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines’ BBG Program Update

  1. ahhhh thats such a shame it didn’t work for you! I’ve also just recently quite the gym (after much deliberation) as it was just way to much money for a person like me who doesn’t have the much money to begin with haha. I’m now in that weird place where I need to do workouts at home and I don’t really know where to start! I would love to know if you ever try out any other fitness apps/programs, I need some recommendations! Great post x

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    • Ahh we were in the same position with the whole gym thing. I’m still not used to working out at home, but it gets easier I promise. Over the weekend, I just youtubed some random workouts which added variety, which was awesome.
      I’ll keep you updated on what I try next, I’m still looking into a few different apps, it’s just tough figuring out what is better for at home workouts!
      Let me know if you find any you like & i’ll give them a try! Thanks love 🙂

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