I Gave Bumble One More Shot

So I decided to give Bumble (yes the dating app) one last shot!

So basically, I decided to download Bumble at the beginning of the March or something like that, I mean why not give it one more shot after my little break up with my long-distance dude. To be honest, I think I did it to have a little bit of a distraction from everything going on in my life, or maybe just to see if I can navigate the murky dating waters. After playing around & seeing what was out there. I realized what it was that I hated so much about dating apps. To me, everything feels forced. Just because you have been texting with someone for a few weeks, now you have to hangout in person, it’s awkward & ‘get to know you’ conversations feel forced. Match with someone, talk a little & then realize they have the personality of a brick wall, well now they want to talk constantly & you have to force a conversation.

Yesterday, I officially deleted my dating profile yet again. I already feel so much better about everything because now I don’t have to force a conversation with anyone. I mean, I’m sure there are some really awesome dudes on there but thanks to lots of trial & error, I now can admit that dating apps aren’t for me. I do know a lot of people who have found their partners through Bumble or Tinder or a dating app, & I think that’s absolutely fantastic that it works for some people!

I guess you can say I keep downloading & deleting this app, over & over these past few years, attempting to ‘give it one last try’ but I realized during this last attempt at using Bumble. I download it to waste time, & at the end of the day, after swiping & attempting conversations, it just makes me feel alone. I feel lonely. My attempt to forget about being alone was about having meaningless conversations with guys who couldn’t hold a conversation. I’d rather meet someone organically than online, which is tough these days. I’m done with dating being a way to pass time by swiping left and right.  Life simply is too short for that!

I’d rather spend my time reading, or running, or starting my yoga business, or going out with friends. I want to find my motivation to write & be passionate about what I do, instead of forcing conversations or making plans when I know something won’t work. Plus I really am trying to limit my screen time these days! Right now, I’m going to focus on me & what makes me happy, & maybe, just maybe, i’ll meet someone the old fashioned way.

What are your thoughts on dating apps? Have you ever used them before? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “I Gave Bumble One More Shot

  1. I was actually just thinking of downloading bumble! I’ve tried a few different apps: pof, ok cupid, hinge. But recently deleted all of them because of the mister but he recently tanked! (Story to follow after AtoZ) but I do like to give myself a little time between guys. Even though it was a short one this time, it was a hard end. And sucks even more because I actually deleted my profiles not just deactivated them lol so much time and effort to get them going again!

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  2. You know my general thoughts on this. I feel like online profiles give people snippets of who you are and that always them to classify you as a “type” which is dumb because we’re so much more than our favourite things or how we initially describe ourselves. Feel like that doesn’t always come across with text exchanges.

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