30 Day Shopping Ban

I just read ‘The Year of Less’ by fellow Canadian Cait Flanders & all I can say is my budgeting is about to be taken to a whole new level. This book was so inspiring in so many ways, I mean she did a shopping ban for a year & got rid of everything she didn’t use/need. That is some serious dedication & I am so motivated!

It has been decided: starting April 1st, I won’t shop for one month. I have some stuff I would like to do & in order to do those I would need to save some serious money! So basically things like – going to Starbucks to buy tea because I’m lazy is so not allowed. buying clothes I totally don’t need & won’t wear for months just because, is not allowed.

I realized that to break my bad habits of spending money for no reason I really need to buckle down & really take my budgeting seriously.

What I’m allowed to shop for:

  • I can buy food. I am however limiting my dining out to three times this month cause I like going out for food for no reason… (totally not including work events- So if I have a work event & there is no option for food I will allow myself to buy something but it has to be nourishing)! 
  • I can keep up with waxing appointments. No details here to give, other than my eyebrows will not suffer for this spending ban. 
  • Work related items.This has to be on my list. I have to buy snacks for the office, replenish coffee etc. when they run out. But I get reimbursed so it’s no big deal! 
  • I am allowing myself to replace things, but only if they are needed. For example, if I run out of shampoo, creams, etc. I can buy as long as they are done & thrown away. Or if a piece of clothing rips/completely worn out & it needs to get replaced but only again after it is thrown away.

As you can imagine, I am shaking in my boots I am so nervous for this, but I’ve been doing a bunch of reading about finances & personal finances, but I mean I might as well challenge myself now & see if I can do this. Who know’s maybe I’ll like it & decide to extend my shopping ban.

Would you do a shopping ban? 

Wish me luck!
xx cd

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10 thoughts on “30 Day Shopping Ban

  1. Ooo good luck! I hope it works out for you! My friend does this every year, she does a “no spend November” but she takes it to the extreme, even one year not buying groceries. Like she have her pantry full of things that she would need and I’m sure things like milk or whatever that doesn’t keep for a month were ok, but she went totally full out

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  2. Best of luck in your no spending ban! I tried it once and enjoyed it but I don’t think it’s my thing to reflect on my budgeting and spending. Oddly enough, I found cleaning out my home to be really helpful in putting my spending in perspective. I was such a hoarder and seeing bags filled with clothes and random objects made me realized how reckless I was with spending.

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    • thanks! i’m excited I think it’ll be fun!
      I totally get what you are talking about cleaning & seeing all that stuff is always an eye opener!


  3. This is such a good idea for saving money and realizing what you really need, or don’t! I can’t believe she did a shopping ban for a whole year, that’s such impressive dedication! I feel like that would be so difficult. Good luck on yours!!

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