Everyone’s Getting Engaged …

Is it just me or is everyone getting engaged?

So I’m keeping this very short & sweet because I can ramble on about this forever… I just want to know how everyone is getting engaged, getting married, & having babies (totally not always in that order). I know you are all probably thinking, i’m in my 20s. You’re probably going to remind me that I have my whole life ahead of me to meet the right person (I can’t believe I just typed that..) & I know some of you might be in the same boat (us singletons need to stick together). So I’m just gonna put this out there & say I just can’t get over how many people I know from elementary school, high school, university, past jobs, etc. who are getting engaged, having babies or getting married or even all three! These are people that are my age, or in that 23 – 26 range, that are making this huge leap. I mean, just this past weekend there was yet another engagement announcement. I swear there has literally been 2 a month since New Years 2018 (not that i’m keeping track..).

Personally, I honestly don’t think I could get engaged, or married, let alone even have a child at the age of 24. I feel like everything is still slowly (& I mean, very slowly) coming together. It takes so much effort to even just worry about going out on a date with someone or trying to make plans to see my friends, I couldn’t even imagine having to worry about another person right now. I mean here I am slowly fixing up my resume, debating how much longer I can live at home with my parents, trying to scrounge up money for a gym membership, all while i’m literally having thoughts & debating if I should just buy a plane ticket & start a new life somewhere, I mean to me that sounds like a way better option than getting married to someone. 


My girls & I actually couldn’t stop laughing at the above post, we decided we were going to do it one day… Can’t wait to see how that turns out.

As always, thanks for reading!
xx cd

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8 thoughts on “Everyone’s Getting Engaged …

  1. Looking back my 20’s were my classroom. There was no better education than that decade. Had I become engaged, married, become a father or all three I would have failed.

    By stumbling on my own, picking myself up and trying again I learned everything and by the time I was 30 I was ready for the real world.

    You are knee deep in your classroom. You’ve learned and you will lean some more. Hang on if you can and take those leaps into engagement, marriage and motherhood at a later time. For now just do your thing.

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  2. I remember when I was younger, I thought that by mid-20s, I’d be married and by late 20s, I’d have a kid and a successful career… LOOOOL. I’m 25 right now and honestly can’t imagine having kids, and I’m still at the start of my HR career.

    I still want to grow my career, and travel the world and not have a “family vacation” until later in life. It’s weird to see my peers getting married and starting a family but I suppose we’re all on our own adventures!

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    • Right! I always said I would be engaged by 23, married by 24 & have my first kid by 26. I’m almost 25 now & nowhere close to any of that. Kid’s can be funny!

      But I totally agree, I can’t see myself doing it either but if that’s someones path I’m happy for them!


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