Formula One Is Back – 2019 Season

The long wait is finally over!

The 2019 F1 Season is back & Sunday’s finally have something going on again!

So if you follow me on twitter, you probably know I like to watch F1. That all stemmed from my parents (especially my mom) being F1 fans. Both of my parents are adorable when they watch races & are hardcore Ferrari fans. It would be an understatement to say that if my brothers & I ever drove a Mercedes we would be disowned…

Growing up we would watch but I never really got that into it until I moved home from University & realized just how insane the Formula One world really is. By then I started to realize just how interesting these race weekends really are. I mean the fans are dedicated, the drivers are clearly fearless, the behind the scenes politics, you name it, I was roped in! I was so excited to see that Netflix, deciding to released the F1 Documentary just last week, mind you only a week out from the first race weekend & that was what we all needed leading into the 2019 season. I just finished the last episode last night, I made sure I didn’t binge watch it because it was just too good! Also, for all of you who watched it, who else was happy to see that Mercedes & Ferrari were barely mentioned? I loved that the focus was on the other teams & other drivers, it was a nice change. I can’t lie, the 2018 season was starting to get a little boring with RedBull, Mercedes & Ferrari always coming out on top, but this year we have all these top drivers scattered & I mean things could get real interesting & I am pretty darn stoked to watch & see how this season unfolds!

So I don’t know about you all, But I am a Ferrari fan (was never originally by choice but that’s life & now I actually like them) but have always secretly been a RedBull fan because I liked Daniel Riccardo & his driving style, plus he always seemed super cool, someone you would want to be friends with. Like he chugs Champagne out of his shoe when he gets on a podium, you honestly cannot get any cooler than that. So I guess that means this season I’d like to see Renault do well! 

Do you watch Formula One? Who is your favourite Driver? Which team do you follow?

Formula One is back!

See you all on the Grid tomorrow morning!
xx cd

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3 thoughts on “Formula One Is Back – 2019 Season

  1. It’s like you took all the words right out of my mouth lol (I apologize if I repeat some of the things you said if I write about F1 later). I’m so excited for this season now that the drivers have shifted around and new ones have come in. Hopefully the races are closer and the top three teams aren’t running away with every race. Looking forward to talking F1 with you this season!

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    • You two are getting me pumped for F1. I still don’t know much about it but I tried last year. I need to put some serious time into it in ’19. I have aligned with Verstappen. Does that make me a Red Bull dude? I still don’t quite understand the team thing. To me it seems like picking between Wilson and Rawlings as a baseball fan. What?!? Or Coke and Pepsi, or adidas and UnderArmour….


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