Attempting To Get My ‘Shit’ Together

So, I’ve been MIA. I don’t know why but I just haven’t had the energy to write, let alone finish a damn post. 

I’m also really not sure what I had planned in my head when I decided to write this post, but we’re just going to go with it!

Lately I have been feeling very unmotivated & scattered, which is leading to the whole ‘I need to get my shit together’ aspect. I have kind of hidden away this month & have been slowly been trying to figure things out because I feel like I am starting to go insane. Work wise I have been in a little funk & for some reason can not find the motivation to go above & beyond like I used to, I am in this little routine now & I don’t know if I’m just bored being alone in the office so often or what, but it’s a little scary! Aside from that, I’m on this ‘money saving’ spree or at least I am trying. I feel like I am doing so well & then a few things happen where I need to spend money on stuff & it’s stressing me out that I can’t control certain things (like this month I had to buy new glasses & get prescription sunglasses & I can go on) but yeah. Then to top it all off, I constantly have my dad on my back about everything & when I say everything, I mean it. I didn’t even have the energy to watch the Bachelor Finale…. WHO AM I!! I guess I must just be in this constant state of stress.

So far this month I wanted to do a few things that would hopefully turn things around & make me feel somewhat put together.. I have:

  • Started drinking 3 – 4 litres of water a day
  • Bought a yoga membership
  • Started reading after work instead of turning on the TV
  • Organized my closet & my room
  • Finally gone to the eye doctor & ordered new glasses

So slowly but surely things will turn around, I know that! But in the meantime, I’ll just be over here binge watching all the shows I may have to catch back up on & attempting to keep going on my Lent promises!

So yeah, i’m now reading back on this & seeing that I don’t think it makes any sense but 1/30 of my draft posts is being posted right now which is a huge step forward for me right now.

So if anyone has any idea on how to adult & get your life together, any advice helps! 

Thanks for putting up with reading this jumbled little mess of words 🙂

xx cd

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3 thoughts on “Attempting To Get My ‘Shit’ Together

  1. This made complete sense. Sometimes the motivation to write just isn’t there. A few months ago I was in the same life funk and a friend told me I needed new energy, so I’ve been trying to do new things or change stuff and it’s kinda helped. Maybe that’ll help you too.

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