I Finally Watched ‘You’

Happy Tuesday

I caved & finally ended up watching ‘You‘ on Netflix.

Before I keep going, has anyone watched ‘You’.

& Let me tell you, holy shit.

I can’t lie I am so happy I didn’t end up binge watching this somehow, but I finished the 10 episodes in only 4 days. Despite taking me 4 days to watch, this 10 episode series was so addictive to watch!

I mean I just don’t get how Beck is so oblivious to how creepy Joe is, I feel like it’s so obvious. Plus who would have thought he killed more than one person, I am honestly shook. I mean, totally did not see so much of what happened coming.

Also, I don’t know about any of you but this totally has made me a little nervous about everything. I started closing all the blinds & checking outside, looking all around when i’m walking or whatever. I know I sound pretty weirded out from just a tv show but if you think about it, there are actual people like this out there & that’s the scary part. It’s also made me really think about ‘life online’. I mean these days we put so much of our lives on the internet to share with friends, family, etc that we don’t stop & think about who else might be keeping tabs on us.

If you have watched the show already, please comment your opinions on it! I am so curious to see what other people have to say.

Side note: I now need a new show to watch, leave your recommendations below 🙂 

Thanks for reading!
xx cd

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12 thoughts on “I Finally Watched ‘You’

  1. Oooo I loved this show!! I was sooooo hooked. I didn’t binge it either. I spaced it out over a week but wow! Sooo good!!!

    Now I’m onto “how to get away with murder” I’ve been binging it though. And I’ve had to stop and filter in a little bit of “that 70’s show” it’s been affecting my dreams haha

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    • Omg I found it so much easier to not binge watch, I feel like if I did that would have been weird.

      Ouuu, you’ll like ‘How to get away with murder’ I watch that week to week & they really know how to keep you hooked!

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      • I’m half way into season 2 right now and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep watching it. I’ve found it’s become extremely predictable already. I’m taking a break from it lol

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      • Okies sounds good!! I’m limiting myself to one episode a day right now lol hopefully that will help slow the “ugh another murder….how shocking….someone else had to die….” that I’m feeling right now lol

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  2. You’re paranoid Cass. Don’t worry so much. Of course, I’ve never watched this show “You” so I know nothing. On the other hand, I’ve watched other super creepy shows such as “The Following”. You seen that one? It was on Fox a few years ago and starred Kevin Bacon. Dude, great show!

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  3. Yes! I watched this show in January and did feel some paranoia afterwards. At one point I covered my webcam with a post-it note, but that lasted for about five minutes before I felt crazy. But yeah, the show makes you not want to trust anyone. Nevertheless, it was awesome, and exactly what I thought Dan Humphrey would become in life.

    You should watch Ozark! I’m currently watched Schitt’s Creek but I feel like I’m waiting for that next good series to drop. Hopefully Netflix has something coming soon

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    • Right, I feel like for the first few days you don’t want to trust anyone & your looking over your shoulder constantly ….
      & right, it was exactly the story line I needed with him.

      I was going to start that but started watching ‘You’ i’ll have to make sure to start that one next!

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