Hello March

Happy March!

Two months of 2019 already done!

January felt like the longest month ever, but then February ended up flying by! Lucky for me last month I was pretty busy with work, lots of tying things up before I left town for a week. I was also lucky enough to travel to the Bahamas with my whole Family (my brothers & both sets of my grandparents came this time!). It was honestly so amazing being able to get out of town & escape the winter weather.

Things at work are okay, I wouldn’t say great. I have a whole lot of flexibility which is awesome but a few things have started to make me question working where I am. I did end up applying to some jobs I had found online & decided to put some feelers out considering my contract with my current job is almost up. So if any come in at better offers, etc, I might end up switching careers but for the time being i’m playing the waiting game.

This past month, my personal life got a little crazy.
I  only ended up reading three books last month, which was absolutely nothing since I went away, but i’ll catch up to my reading goal soon.
I really buckled down last month & actually tackled my budget (January was a trial month) but i’m really happy with how well I ended up doing & i’m really starting to get addicted to budgeting!
Oh I did end up starting a relationship (yes, I had a secret boyfriend & didn’t tell anyone), but that honestly ended just as quickly as it started so there ended up being no reason to tell anyone anyways. I did however end up caving & downloading bumble just the other day to take my mind off things, as against dating apps as I am, I figured why the hell not give it just one more shot.
Side note: I just started watching ‘You‘ on Netflix last night, I’m really not sure what I got myself into with this one!

‘Q & Cass’:
Last month I started the ‘Q & Cass Series’. I am answering 5 questions from my followers/readers each month or every other month! the reasoning behind this was that I wanted to give you all a chance to get to know me & ask questions, make it feel like we are catching up over coffee (or in my case, having a tea date). 
Comment your questions here, or even contact me with your questions.
I appreciate all the question’s I’ve already received, & had a great time answering (if you didn’t see yours last month, stay tuned)! I can’t wait to answer all the questions you all have!

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from February:

February had it’s ups & downs, I am so excited to see how March goes!

How was your February? Did anything exciting happen? Any big plans this month? 

Thanks for reading!

Have a fantastic weekend!
xx cd

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7 thoughts on “Hello March

  1. Great stuff Cassius. ONLY three books? That’s funny. 3 books in a month would be a record for me. Haha. I’m just finishing my 2nd for the year so that’s one per month which is fine for me. Secret boyfriend? Interesting. Work? Compelling. Bahamas? Exciting! Tell us more about that.

    Let’s add some questions for your tea party. Ever sung in front of a group? Ever given a speech? First kiss? Best encounter with a famous person?


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