Luggage Review: The Away Carry On

In December, my mom actually broke my cute little zebra patterned Heys carry-on which I had for years & years (it could have made it to hell & back it was so durable). After looking at the Away luggage for roughly just under a year (yes, I was looking before my suitcase officially broke),  I really couldn’t justify the price tag on something that would live in my closet for most of the year. On the other hand, I didn’t want a cheap suitcase that wouldn’t make it through the trip. So after debating & debating on which suitcase to buy, I decided to take a leap & purchase an Away Luggage Set last month!

After realizing I didn’t have a bag to use for my trip to Dallas (I ended up having to steal my dad’s for the trip), & with a trip to the Bahamas planned, a two trips currently being planned, I knew I had to take the leap. In the end, I purchased the normal sized Carry-On & the Medium Suitcase.

So, let’s back up & talk about the Away Carry On. (This is not a paid post in anyway. I promise.)

I just ended up using the Carry On for my trip to the Bahamas, & let me tell you, I freaking love it! I literally did not think I could pack so much into one bag. I didn’t end up checking a bag for this trip but the Carry On fit everything I needed & more.

The bag alone it self is super cute, I purchased the sky colour, it’s a super soft blue! The wheels roll with ease and the bag feels like a high quality one. Inside the bag there is a lot of thoughtful design. There is a laptop/ipad sleeve, attached to a compression system to help making packing easier, I ended up using this for all my cords & jewelry. One side even has a mesh zipper which allows you to separate what you are packing, along with a detachable & yes, waterproof laundry bag (this came in clutch, I didn’t have to use any plastic bags to store my worn clothes in). The bag also has an integrated, TSA approved lock that is super, super easy to set up & use (yay, no more carrying a set of keys for suitcase locks)! Plus, there’s a guaranteed for life, they’ll fix it or replace the bag if there are any problems!

Overall, I really ended up loving my new Carry On, & honestly, it was big enough for a week long trip which was amazing! Considering I am being so frugal these days, I can definitely say it was worth the money!

Have a look:

Do you have a favourite travel brand? 

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Check out Away, a travel brand making everything you need to make your travels seamless and thoughtful. (The Carry-Ons can even charge your phone, if you choose that option!)
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