How I’m Spending My 2019 Valentines!

Happy Valentines Friends!

So by now, we all know I am single. But I’m totally okay with it. I have been clearly blessed with the opportunity to not only work on myself & to focus on me, but not have to worry about worrying about impressing someone & all that jazz. AKA, I can attempt to get my life & my shit together, before introducing someone into the mix. personally, I have never been one to celebrate valentines day, I realized that regardless if I was dating someone or not, I usually spent it with my girls anyways since they are way more important to me than any man is. ‘Galentines’ is the way to go if you ask me!

 Last year, my bestie & I grabbed dinner & saw the latest ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie. We had a pretty awesome night, thanks to the two bottles of wine we had (yes one at dinner, & one at the movies, thanks VIP Cineplex). Unfortunately for me this year, everyone is in a relationship. I am totally okay with that though. I am so happy my gal-pals have found love & found their person.

How am I spending my 2019 Valentines:

  • I’ve basically been eating chocolate all day
  • I changed into my PJs right after my workout (SCORE!)
  • Its 8 pm & I’m all tucked in & ready for bed
  • I saved money by not having to buy clothes or anything, so I might just have to put this towards a trip.. hmmm

Since Valentines is basically just another jam packed day for me, you’ll excuse me, I have the toughest decision to make… I can’t decide if I should watch the ‘Bridget Jones’ Movie, ‘Sex & the City’ reruns or just catch up on ‘the Challenge’. 

How are you spending your February 14th? 

Thanks for reading!
xx cd

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7 thoughts on “How I’m Spending My 2019 Valentines!

  1. Valentine’s for me is spent at work, staying late because the kids parents are out for a date. They only asked today at 2pm if I could stay late. Not even a “do you have plans?” either. But I didn’t have plans. Almost thought I would have but nopes lol

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  2. My Valentine’s Day was spent at work. And since I’m a counselor in an elementary school, it meant that the kids I usually deal with were also hopped up on all the sugar. And since today is the beginning of a four day weekend for our district, yesterday was a lot like a Friday, which you’d think is the best day of the week, but it generally means that the kids that get wild get a little wilder in anticipation of the weekend. And since I’m single and couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day being anything more than a hectic Thursday, I got home from work, took some ibuprofen for the headache that had been growing for most of the afternoon, and climbed into bed quite early. It was spectacular.

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