Why I Made The Switch to Natural Deodorant

Alright friends! Hope you are all ready to bare with me for a moment!

I am super excited today to share a little beauty post, this is pretty different for me, so bear with me. No I am not selling anything or affiliated with this brand. Just sharing my thoughts on one of my new favourite products!

Why did I make the switch?

I’d say almost a year & a half ago now, I made the switch from using antiperspirants to all- natural deodorants. You can probably guess how that worked out in the beginning. The big thing for me was the thought of not knowing what was in the products I used everyday. So like any curious person, I started researching the products I was using & slowly I started the attempt to switch all the products I used over to natural ones & started looking for ‘green approved’ brands.

Slowly but surely, I think we are almost all switched over to natural brands. I think the hardest product to switch to was deodorant. I have used so many different brands, everything from powder deodorant to sprays, etc. Plus, given that I am either around people for long periods of time or have tough workouts, it was crucial to me that it actually worked and that it could last through those long days and tough workouts. I’ve now tried so many different natural brands & have learned that some work better than others depending on the situations, nothing covered everything I was looking for.

My current favourite 

Almost 2 months ago now, I decided to try a different brand (yet again) & guess what, it’s amazing. I found Kopari at Sephora & did a whole lot of research before actually biting the bullet & purchasing it. I was so nervous to try something new again!


Kopari’s products are all coconut based & are made as natural as possible! The deodorant is both non-toxic & aluminum free. There is also no baking soda, parabens, silicone & phthalates, making it completely plant-based. Not only does this goes on smooth & completely invisible, it smells absolutely amazing, I feel like I smell like i’m on vacation when I use it (which is probably why I love it)!

So there you have it, I guess you can call this a beauty post. I mean it only took me like a month to write (maybe 2 or 4) but who the heck is counting right…

Have you made the switch to any natural products? Any products you love & recomend? 

Thanks for reading!
xx cd

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