Five Traits + Six Favourites

I decided to steal this post idea from my girl Becky, make sure you check out her blog, Strikeouts & Sprinkles!

I am going to share five traits I have & six of my favourite things!

Since I love candy & was on cloud 9 taking this picture with a ‘candy wall’. It seemed appropriate to add this in!

Five Words to Describe Myself

  1. Down to Earth: I like to think i’m one of those people that are down to earth, easy to talk to, casual & have a pretty laid back personality (especially for a Type-A).
  2. Cautious: I am super cautious, I’m always that person who is over thinking & in lots of cases I hold myself back thanks to my cautious nature.
  3. Reliable: I am that person who always follows through on things, I make sure to write meetings & date nights in my calendar, & always follow up a few times to make sure something is still happening. I want to make sure people can count on me, especially when they need me most!
  4. Stressed: I am that stress ball of a girl. I always feel like I either have a million things on the go or a million things in my head. I honestly most days feel like there is not enough time in a day to check everything off my list.
  5. Timely: I am always a few minutes early (& the odd time when I am running late, I get super anxious). Years ago I heard this quote ‘If your not early, your late’ & I don’t know what it was about this quote but it really stuck with me & now i’m just always early for events, meetings, etc.

Six of my Favourite Things

  1. Favourite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  2. Favourite Show: Friday Night Lights
  3. Favourite Place I’ve traveled to: Botswana
  4. Favourite Snack: Popcorn
  5. Favourite Wine: Voga Pinot Grigio
  6. Favourite Store: Chapters Indigo

If you read this and want to share your traits and favorites, I’d love to read your post! Or comment some of them on this post!

Thanks for reading!
xx cd

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