How I Became a Cowboys Fan

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

In honour of the football season officially coming to an end, & the fact that I really was not into watching the Patriots play in yet another Super Bowl. Considering we all know I hate the Patriots, I mean how else am I supposed to keep myself entertained. You can check out those tweets here!

So I figured what better time than to tell you all how I ended up becoming a Cowboys fan. I have literally been sitting here, day after day, (yes this post has taken me days to write), trying to think back about how I became a Cowboys fan. I can tell you, that since the beginning, I have always been a Cowboys fan. Keep in mind, that here in Canada, everyone watches sports, but us Canadians really like our hockey. So obviously, we would always have hockey playing every day, but Sunday’s were always football. We have always watched football, but only a few years ago did I really start getting into it & actually started to understand the game. Who would have thought I’d love the game as much as I do!

So let’s start at the beginning I guess! When I was younger, & they first started airing ‘Making the Cut’ – you know that show where girls tryout to be a part of the Cowboys Cheerleading Squad, yeah that one. I used to watch it religiously because for some odd reason, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader one day. I don’t think many Canadian girls can say that is what they wanted to be when they grew up but apparently I did, I mean thinking back I can not for the life of me figure out how I got that idea in my head because I have never been a cheerleader…. I have never once cheer leaded in my life. I had wanted to try it but cheerleading really isn’t that big up here in Canada like it is in the states, so I took dance lessons instead. But yeah, clearly a girl can dream right.

So other than the whole ‘wanting to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader’ when I grew up, Sunday’s are basically for football in our house & nothing else, you basically just don’t make any plans for the day. With that being said, my family is pretty divided; my mom & both my brothers are Patriots fans (gross I know), my dad & I are both Cowboys fans. I ultimately believe that I decided to become a Cowboys fan because my dad was. I mean he was going to games with his buddies (who are also Cowboys fans) & everything just seemed so cool to me. I also had this idea that me & him would now have something in common, which I thought would be so cool considering him & my brothers bonded over sports talk, so I figured we could bond over the fact that the both of us liked the Cowboys. So I sided with my dad. Well guess what? Clearly that decision payed off, we have this in common & we now have this awesome relationship. We have now travelled to watch the Cowboys play in: Arizona, Chicago, Pittsburg & Dallas. Thanks to the travelling, we now have this awesome friendship, we can talk about almost everything which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Not many girls can say they have a super strong friendship with their dad.

So since I started babbling randomly, & the story of how I became a Cowboys fan really isn’t that exciting, we can basically narrow it down to the facts that I am a cowboys fan because:

  • My dad was a Cowboys fan
  • I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders when I grew up
  • My dad was a Cowboys fan

So to add some colour to this post, here are some pictures of me in Cowboys gear (my dad & mom make an appearance here).
Side note: I just looked back at my Instagram & about realized that about 75% of the pictures are me wearing something Cowboys…

What is your favourite team & why?

As always,
Thanks for reading!
xx cd

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7 thoughts on “How I Became a Cowboys Fan

  1. Well done! That was truly “Uniquely Cass”. I was really curious about your ‘Boys fandom and now I know. What a great story! We are similar people….I too became a fan because I asked my dad who he liked when I was just a little boy. He liked the Bears and one time he said “Nebraska” and I was sold on those teams.

    Back to you….this is so awesome because now you have this lifelong bonding experience with your dad. I LOVE that you went to 4 games already with him. I wish I could’ve met you in Chicago. That would’ve been super cool. Anyway, if you didn’t know, I take my son Trev to a Nebraska game every year. I think we’ve gone to either Lincoln, Nebraska or a road game for 4 straight years. It’s a total father/son bonding experience and we love it!

    So do you still want to be a Cowboys cheerleader? It’s not so much cheering as it is dancing so maybe you could do it!

    PS Another common theme besides the Cowboys gear is the Bud Light. I dig the Bud too. So when are we going drinking anyway???


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  2. I remember that Cowboys cheerleader show because a contestant on The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft – the girl who Jason chose as his final one, but dumped for the other girl at the after show – was a Cowboys cheerleader and I remember tuning in for an episode and she may or may not have been in it, I can’t remember. But the show wasn’t my thing. Crazy how you jarred this memory loose.

    I became a Patriots fan during the 2002 Super Bowl. That’s my earliest NFL memory, I believe. In the years that followed, my dad always asked me what the Buffalo score was so I thought I had to be a Buffalo fan, but they sucked and around 2009-10 I was a Jets fan for the years they were good, but then they sucked too. All the while the Pats were still my favourite though I didn’t pay attention to them until the playoffs. And this last August I became a Chiefs fan because I don’t really have a connection to the Pats other than nostalgia, and I’m tired of cheering for the favourite all the time.

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  3. I became a Giants fan in middle school (~2008ish) because I needed something to watch in the baseball off season. Being from New England, realistically I should have chosen the Pats but I absolutely hate them, so I thought the Giants would be a good idea. They ended up winning the Super Bowl that season (against the Pats) and a few years later (again against the Pats). Now I just cry a lot during games and don’t tell people I’m a Giants fan.

    My dad is a Vikings fan because when he was younger, they would broadcast games on TV and that’s when the Vikings defensive line was called the Purple People Eaters. My mom is a Giants fan because I’m a Giants fan.

    I have yet to go to a game and would love to go soon just for the experience. It’s just whether or not I want to travel down to New Jersey hahah.

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  5. I’m totally a daddy’s girl and a huge Atlanta Falcons fan!!
    It’s so cool that you are watching from Canada. i also like watching hockey even though I dont understand it. A lot of ice skating and fights and drinking. Oh and I love watching the puck work around the net. Reminds me of basketball. Ok. Lol. Well I guess I’ll step on and allow this Cowboys calamity to continue. #GoFalcons 🖤


    • Football is actually pretty big up here, which is pretty crazy.
      Hockey is fun to watch, I used to be more into it but lately I find it’s been kinda boring. But good for you 🙂

      hah its cool that your a falcons fan but all I can say is Go Cowboys! 🙂


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