New Year, New Workout Regimen

We are officially almost done the first month of January!

At the beginning of the year, most people set ‘goals’ or ‘resolutions’ for the new year. Working out & being healthy has always been a big part of my life, & this year, I decided to mix things up a little & give you a glimpse into something I am passionate about! Plus you get a glimpse of how I am keeping myself healthy & somewhat fit this year!

This year, one of my biggest things was getting back to eating healthy & cooking my own meals. I decided to take matter into my own hands & started to meal plan. It hasn’t been easy, but with time I can see this getting easier & hopefully my cravings for everything unhealthy can start to get ignored (don’t worry, popcorn is & will always be my first love).
I also drink a ton of water & tea on a daily basis, I like to make sure I keep myself hydrated during the day. Also, this year I have also cut way back on drinking, I am only a few times a month, if that but I can’t fully give my wine up!

I love cardio, if i could do cardio everyday, I would. My goal for this year was to keep consistency with my running schedule all year. I find I run way more in the summer, thanks to the warm weather. It doesn’t help that I hate running on treadmills but winters in Canada keep me indoors. This year, I decided to input runs into my daily calendar. Coming into the new year, I was hoping to run a half marathon in May, but after creating a running schedule I decided to put that on hold for the time being & just run the 10km instead! So right now, I have scheduled 3 runs per week in my calendar – I aim for a cardio session on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. For January & February I am keeping my runs short, only running 5km each run (so 15km per week). Once March hits, I’ll be bumping my runs up to 6.5km (during the week- Tuesdays & Thursday) & aiming for between 8-10km on Saturdays for one long run a week, & change my distances up accordingly after that! For me, running is my form of moving meditation (since I can not sit still & meditate for the life of me) & it gives me a way to clear my head! Need motivation, here are some reasons why you should run.

Weight Training
Last year I started working out with a personal trainer once a week, which has helped me get more confident working out with weights at the gym. Like I mentioned in little blurb about running, I love cardio & would rather do that then weights any day. But I can’t, weights are super important & also compliment my running & yoga practice, after incorporating weights into my routine I now run so much better then before & it’s helped me avoid any running related injuries.
Last week, I also felt like I needed a little extra push. So to compliment both my weight training & running, I downloaded the Sweat app on my iPhone & decided to give Kayla Itsines ‘BBG’ program a chance. Workouts are programmed in the app, so I can just check off that I worked out that day (even if I worked out with my trainer instead of the program). You get your pick of workouts for the week, & a schedule to follow. There is also guided stretching, challenges, etc. I’m only a week in so far & plan on giving the program a try this month (stay tuned for my update on this).

Just writing all this down gave me that little push to stick with my routine. Hopefully this post gives you the motivation you need to create a fitness routine that works for YOU and your lifestyle or stick with YOUR goals! Not everyone is the same & has the same goals. Also for me working out everyday is something my body needs, listen to your own body!

Did you set any fitness goals for this year? What does your current workout routine look like? 

Also, have you heard, I will be starting a monthly Q & A series called, ‘Q & Cass’ (thanks to my friend Paul for helping me name the series). You can comment you questions below, tweet me your questions, or even contact me with your questions if you want to stay anonymous. I’m excited to answer your questions so, get your questions in!

Thanks for reading!
Stay warm!
xx cd

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5 thoughts on “New Year, New Workout Regimen

  1. The key is consistency and I see you mentioned that. It is so easy for a lot of people to burn out by the end of January. I can tell you’ve set realistic goals and you are keeping a realistic schedule.

    Balance and consistency are key. Looks like you’ve the proper goals for the long haul.

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